Wacky Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Our mothers are weird…and that’s awesome! But, Mother’s Day can be a challenge.
Mother's day
Is your mother a hippy, a gypsy, adorably absent minded? Well thenn this is the gift guide for you!

If you stick out like a Soar Thumb, chances are…your mom’s pretty awesome too! My older brother and I have always had to scour the corners of the universe to shop for my strange mom for Mother’s Day. We are here to save you the trouble! Here are my top five picks for great (and wacky) Mother’s Day gifts.

1. My mother is very girly! I don’t know how I wound up loving football, hating flowers, and having Jack n’ Coke as my favorite drink. But, my mother is the antithesis of everything I just listed. So for Mother’s Day, I always have to go with pink, frilly, or sparkly. The sari wrap skirt is brilliant for this type of mom! And if she’s a bit of a hippie, an upcycled one is even better! Here is the best one I found from Uncommon Goods:

Mother's Day
This up-cycled, handmade wrap skirt is perfect for summer days!


2. I absolutely love my OtterBox phone case. I am clumsy and it is always a must have item for me. My mother, on the other hand, thinks that belt clip phone cases make everyone look like a probation officer or a drug dealer. So this year, I got her a cute little smartphone wallet from Etsy.

mother's day
This Smartphone wallet is a great substitute for the dreaded belt clip phone case.


3. Tired of seeing that old, sundried, discolored, wide brimmed garden hat? Well get her a new one! I’ve found my mom some really colorful and stylish ones at JCPenny, Amazon, Target, and Bloomies. This one was my favorite this year from BCBG.

Mother's day
This BCBG floppy hat is stylish for in or outside the garden!



4. This one’s on the pricey side, but after carrying you for 9 months and going through 970 hours of labor…she’s worth it, right? Get her a nice big “woman with stuff” bag! My mommy loves her a tote, and Kate Spade is the queen of totes. Here’s one of my fav’s:

Mother's Day
I’ll take all three of these adorable Kate Spade small totes!


5. Is she a diva? Get her a Pashmina! If your mother could be a character from Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, she needs a pashmina to complete the look. This Jewelwrap from Amazon is gorgeous in a lavender and blue ombre, perfect for spring.

Mother's Day
A beautiful pashmina in spring colors! By JewelWraps.

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