Ugly Christmas Sweaters Are Back!

No longer just for your aunt Eunice, ugly Christmas sweaters really stick out!

Christmas sweater

 So when I decided to finally give in and buy the humping reindeer Fair Isle sweater I’ve been eyeing, I decided it was time to share my obsession with you guys. I love ugly Christmas sweaters!

Christmas Sweaters
Yes! I shamelessly love the idea of Fair Isle reindeer humping like animals!

For many years this obsession was something I was ashamed of. I could only admire these sweaters from afar, but then 2010 happened. In 2011 my wildest dreams came true and ugly Christmas sweaters became a socially acceptable garment to wear. Stars like Kanye west and Cee-lo lead the way, and ever since ugly Christmas sweaters have been everywhere during the holiday season.

No longer for aunts and grandma’s, the ugly Christmas sweater can be found all over the internet from shops like Chictopia to Tipsy Elves. These sweaters are so easy to find and even easier to style.

Christmas sweater
Chictopia’s Ugly Christmas Sweater contestant Chocolate in her thrifted Christmas sweater
Christmas sweater
Topshop Present sequin ribbon sweater $84.00 at Nordstrom
Christmas sweater
gingerbread sweater Topshop Available at Nordstrom $100
Christmas sweater
Fair Isle is always a safe bet when you’re cautious about ugly Christmas sweaters
Christmas sweater
White Christmas Cardigan


The key to styling your sweater is to K.I.S.S (Keep It Simple Stupid). Keep your accessories simple and to a minimum and other pieces of the outfit should be solid colors. With your makeup there is a little (and I do mean very little) room to play. Depending on the color of your sweater, you can go the minimalist route, or you can play a bit with Christmas themed colors. Metallic shades do well in moderation with ugly Christmas sweater, and you can also play a bit with your blush. Lipstick you want to stay pretty neutral or you can go with red if you’re not too fair skinned.

I have scoured the internet for my favorite finds, but don’t be afraid to venture out to your favorite thrift shops while you’re out last minute Christmas shopping. The thrift shop is and will always be the best place to find ugly Christmas sweaters. You may have to repair a few holes or cover a few stains, but this is just an awesome excuse to go DIY crazy on a sweaters ass!


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