Top 7 Spring Trends!

Soar Thumbs favorite Spring Trends!

spring trends

Well folks, spring is here! That means its time for a round up of all the predicted spring trends. So it’s time to peel off a few layers, show some leg, and wear all the pretty colors your heart desires! While spring is not exactly my favorite time of year, I still enter prepared.

1. The first of the must have spring trends is a lovely white tee that fits perfectly! A V-neck, Crew, or dropped V…it doesn’t matter. Just get some. Some…meaning more than three! We will need them to wear under our denim jackets, with our shoes that are so outrageously colored they don’t match ANYTHING, and with our mixed print maxi skirts. Speaking of Maxi Skirts…that leads me to number 2…

spring trends
A lovely Assortment of tee’s put together on Polyvore!

2. Maxi skirts…and dresses…and dresses that can be made into skirts! The how to on maxi skirts and dresses is coming up later, but for now just go buy some! Go buy some that you think are pretty and I promise you everything else you need to pull of this stylish trend is already in your closet…or your chest of drawers at minimum. I’ve got some tutorials coming up for these spring trends as well, but its oh-so-easy. You can dress these things up or down and look fab.

spring trends
Moto Jacket: Express
Sheer Black Blouse: Express
Neon Green Pleated Maxi Skirt: JCPenny

3. A cute pair of non-foam flip flops. Get 2 pair of those flip flops, one in black and one in brown. These flip flops are going to last you all spring and into the summer, from Starbucks to the music festival! Wanna be versatile? Grab some of your favorite thinner scarves and wrap them around the straps and tie up your leg. This way, they can be whatever color you need them to be! Here’s a great tutorial (my favorite, in fact!) from

spring trends
The Gladiator Wrap Sandal Tutorial is available at Glitter ‘N Glue!

4. Finishing spray. This is less obvious when it comes to spring trends and more of a must have item. You are going to need lots of it for those dewy mornings and ever increasing hours of sunlight in the evening. This stuff will set your makeup, how ever little you may wear, and prevent bad cases of ‘grease ball face’! Urban Decay is my fav!

springs trends
Urban Decay Make Up Setting Spray. Available online and in stores in three variations.
De-Slick for oily skin, anti-shine.
All Giggles for all day wear.
Chill for dry skin and cooling and hydration

5. Statement Shades are a must! Glamour magazine is calling this one of the most wearable runway spring trends of 2013. This small addition can drive any outfit right over the top. This will be one of the few times I’ll say this, but spare no expense in the picking-out-age of your statement shades! You want shades that are cute, unique, and the right fit for your face shape, but UV rays are real. We need to have the same concern for our eyes as we do for our skin, so opt in to get that extra UV protection!

spring trends
Statement shades are definitely in!

6. A Bangin’ Blazer. People, I cannot stress how important a good blazer is in any girls’ wardrobe. Shrunken, cropped, oversized, boyfriend…they will all work!  You will need it to go with you white tee’s, your maxi skirts, and your boyfriend jeans. Have I listed enough staple pieces that can be made better by a blazer for you to rush out and buy two? Yes? Okay my job is done then! But no really…go get a blazer!

spring trends
Floral prints, bold colors, and even animal prints will work for spring!

7. Number 7 should have been number 1…but I digress…you need a denim jacket or shirt. These things go with everything. Literally. Everything! You can wear a denim shirt over your maxi dress and turn it into an instant maxi skirt. You can wear a denim jacket with an insanely formal outfit and wear it to a concert. Did I tell you I was weird? Okay, now you know! For the almost entire two month transition from spring to summer I wear a denim jacket…everyday…with everything. It always works for me, and it allows me to wear ALL of my clothes no matter how dressy to anywhere I want to go. Try it! The weird looks from passersby alone are enough to make me want to do this every day. Here’s a lil’ inspiration, three ways I rock my denim jacket.

spring trends
Denim Jacket: JCPenny
Peasant Skirt: Vintage
Riding Boots: Old Navy
spring trends
Printed Maxi Dress: Bloomingdale’s
Denim Jacket: JCPenney
Statement Sunglasses: Old Navy
spring trends
3-D Owl Tee: Old Navy
Black Jeans: Old Navy, Skinny RockStar Fit
Black Suede Booties: Just Fab


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    Im so proud I can say I have 4 out of 7…but i absolutely <3 number 3….Why didn't i think of this?!!