Top 5 Summer Beauty Products

Beauty Products we will need and want this summer!

Beauty Products

Summer’s almost here, and I think it’s time for us to get our makeup bags and medicine cabinets in order. Let’s discuss the top 5 beauty products for this summer. I’ve combed the internet for the best colors, ingredients, and prices on a few of the products we know we’ll need. I threw in a couple items we might not need, but we’ll damn sure want!

The first item is colored mascara. Now, I have jet black hair, brows and lashes, so this is a bit harder for me to pull off. But I try it anyway, and so should you! Givenchy and Chanel show us some electricity with bold shades like yellow and purple. Or try this royally blue shade from MAC. I have not had an easy time of finding any drug store brands that are doing the color thing. I know Maybelline did a limited edition line of colored mascara last year, but I haven’t seen it again. I’ll continue to search, and keep you guys updated. The good news is that the high end brands aren’t too outrageously priced and start from around the $25 range. Here’s a great article on on how to wear the fun trend.

Beauty Products
MAC Opulash in Sama Source WWD

I tend to ebb on the side of “less is more” when it comes to facial cleansers and moisturizers. I like things like Cetaphil and witch hazel and things your grandma told you to use. But I have found a company that I love and I always want to try their new products. Good & Clean Fruit Acid Detox Fusion Daily Detox Foaming Cleanser ($9), from Alba Botanicals is awesome. It’s a cleansing beauty product that’s not too over bearing, too scented, or too chocked full of harsh astringents.

Beauty Products
This product comes in a wash, moisturizer, and towelettes! Can you say…all around covered?!?!

You all know I’m a natural haired girl. My curls need constant hydration! The infamous southern humidity helps, but I still need good quality beauty products to not look like a frizz ball. The Matrix Biolage Advanced Fiberstrong Bamboo Conditioner for weak and fragile hair. This product is amazing, and I usually can’t say that honestly about these types of ‘salon, redkin-esque’ products. I won’t botch up their sales pitch by trying to explain the technicals, but it’s a great detangler with lots of slip, and it coats and protects the hair follicles and seals in moisture.

Beauty Products
Your fastest fix for weak hair. An instant conditioner and follicle sealant.

Nail colors are where most women are never too reserved to go a little crazy! This summer we should look forward to corals, electric blues, different shades of purple, and all kinds of neons. My favorite brands are Essie, NYX, Nails Inc. by Sephora, and my favorite high end brand is Tom Ford’s polish line.

Beauty Products
Essie Has some hot shades for the summer!

Fragrances are my personal favorite part of summer! We get to walk around smelling like candy. It attracts bugs and boys but we don’t care! I know you probably think I’m gonna get all Mariah Carey Butterfly on that ass, but no I won’t do that to you. My favorite fragrance for this summer is an oldie but goodie! You can never…ever go wrong with a little DKNY Be Delicious. It’s got a light citrus undertone paired with a crisp apple scent. I love it and my hubby says it makes me smell like a girl *swoons*! Mission Accomplished!

Beauty Products
One of the few DKNY Be Delicious fragrances! They all pretty much rock!

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