The Tattoo Culture Rocks! – Weekend Rant

Tattoos and body art are the best form of self expression! 


I am a tattoo addict! It’s on my bucket list to travel to all of my favorite places one year and get a tattoo in each location! Sort of like a permanent passport stamp, or souvenir fridge magnet. There seems to be a tattoo craze going on right now, but tattoos go back as far as ancient China and maybe even further. But I have always wanted (even as a child) to cover my body up to 80% in tat’s. I may not go as far as the inside of my lip like Ke$ha, but I want to explore all the other options.

Yeah, maybe a bit much for me but….do you boo!

Shows like Miami and LA Ink, Ink Master, and Black Ink Crew have brought the culture to a more mainstream audience. But Sailor Jerry, Ed Hardy, Bob Tyrell, and other famous tattoo artists have been at it for decades. What’s great about the ink culture today is that it is no longer reserved for sailors, misfits, and miscreants! I am even obsessed with those documentaries about Asian businessmen who are covered in tattoos that you can only see after they take off the suit and tie.

Some of the people who we look at and think -”They don’t have a tattoo, nope, not possible!”-actually have tattoos! According to the Guardian, roughly 25% of all Americans are tatted and about one fifth of UK is inked. Robin Williams, the British Prime Minister’s wife, and even Winston Churchill’s mother are just a tiny fraction of unexpected inker’s. You gotta love that company!

These ladies’ tat’s make my heart sing!

I love Ri-Ri’s tattoo of Isis which is dedicated to her Gran Gran Dolly. Its unique placement and beautiful execution make this one of my fave celebrity tat’s.

Ri-Ri’s tat in honor of Gran Gran Dolly is perfection

Amber Rose has quite a few tattoos, and most of them I’m pretty indifferent about. But the tattoo of the rose on her arm is gorgeous! My mother’s name is Rose, so I’ve been shopping around for some rose themed tat’s and this one is definitely for the inspiration portfolio!

Amber Rose Reveals Her Tattoos in Inked Mag photoshoot!

Another very interesting tattoo that I am definitely pinning to my tattoo board is Angelina Jolie’s. On her shoulder where the huge tattoo of Billy Bob Thorton used to be is now the longitudes and latitudes of all of her children’s birthplaces. This is such a sweet and unique idea! Now, don’t get me wrong, it’s not the best looking tattoo I’ve ever seen! It actually looks like she got it done in the mental institution her character was in on Girl Interrupted. But, it’s a cute idea nonetheless.

Angelina Jolie Longitude and Latitude tattoo

Margaret Cho is my tattoo hero! I have loved this lady forever, but her interview on Larry King Now made me want to do a bit of research to see some pics. This woman has about 80-90% of her body covered and the colors are so beautiful and vivid. She prides herself on getting tatted by some of the best in the business and it most certainly shows!

Margaret Cho red carpet, ink style!
Magaret Cho is sexy, and the ink makes her a sexy bad ass!

Last but not least, I am actually planning on getting this tattoo very soon, right after I get me Roman numeral tat. Pink’s barcode tattoo that lists her birthdate, her first album release date and the number 13 is fucking awesome! It’s in the perfect place (though I’ll be getting mine on my lower back), and the numbers represent something which is a really unique way to tat you fave numbers! I am definitely jack her style on this one.

Barcode Tattoo on Pink’s Neck

I don’t know who she is…but I just fucking love this one! #Random :)

Yeah, random I know, but this tat is ADORBZBALLz!

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