Wish List of Soar Thumb 2013

My wish list is simple…even if its a bit zany!

Wish List

While I would to take the jacket from the header and make it mine for all time, my wish list is a bit more simple. I have a pretty awesome wardrobe! It’s not as big and expensive as some people’s…but I’m pretty satisfied with the things I have. But every girls gotta have a wish list. Something that you aspire to have, or that you feel will just put the perfect cap on what you’ve already got. My wish list contains some things that are completely unattainable, and some things that are reasonable. The only common denominator between the items is that they would all be a great investment and would work for me in so many different ways. Here are just five things that I wish I had…or will get in the very near future.

I almost never have a chance to measure my knowledge of the industry to that of other industry insiders. So imagine my surprise and delight this morning when I read an article on Style Bubble about the Craig Redman x Karl Maier x MCM International collaboration! I have been eyeing, following, stalking, and lusting after items in this collection since March and I didn’t think anyone was paying attention. It was like I was stuck in a ‘what if I’d never been born/ ghost of Christmas past’ episode of a sitcom! I really have got to get one or six of these pieces in my closet. I don’t know when and I don’t know how…but I have got to have one…(or six). Known for their crazy graphics and 70’s toy store textile appeal, Karl & Craig have transformed the more traditional staple pieces of MCM into eye popping pieces of pop art. “Eyes on the Horizon” is definitely one of my favorite accessory lines of the year.

Wish List
Craig & Karl

Burberry is synonymous with refinery, luxury, and the extreme posh-ticity that only British brands can give us. I always told myself that I would know I was a for real grown up when I had a proper Burberry trench! This notion has somewhat changed with time. Because, let’s be serious, I don’t think you can get any closer to ‘for real grown up’ than actually being 30. BUT, I do still think that it would make me a whole helluva lot more distinguished. I still dance around in my panties to songs like Blurred Lines, and I think that if I had a Burberry coat in my closet I wouldn’t do it as much. (Maybe)

Wish List
Burberry spring 2013

I’m not very good at telling time on analog clocks. I’m a smart girl but things like this have always been a problem for me, that and telling left from right. Every genius has their weakness, right? Yeah! But these facts have not stopped me from wanting a real watch. You Know, a watch that contains only precious metals and stones. Not those plastic, leather, cloth, or novelty watches we think are extra cute when we see them on a Japanese street style photo. I want a pretty sparkly watch that would fit in if I had to go to court, or sit in first class, or have lunch with Anna Wintour. Anna…I’m still waiting on that invite to the Waldorf! But yeah, I want a watch that will make people take me seriously. I want a watch that doesn’t even really tell time, like the super fancy ones with no numbers or hands. One of those! *Nods head in certain assurance*

wish List
Michael Kors Rose Gold


I really truly believe I need a great pair of sunglasses. I don’t think they necessarily think they need to be name brand or anything too expensive. But, they do need to be of great quality, with actual UV protection for my eyes. They need to be Gone With the Wind, Bitch, Don’t Kill My Vibe, I-can’t-see-you-cause-my-shades-are-so-mysterious fabulous! I have really been eyeing my options from Michael Kors, BVLGARI, Prada and Lanvin, but like I said, they don’t have to be so fancy schmancy. I would snatch up anything I deem fit from my favorite mid-level brands like Express, Guess, or DKNY.

wish List
Burberry Sunglasses

Number five is my need and longing for a great cocktail dress! I know, I know…you have all taken a deep gasp and covered your mouths! Krystal, how can a fashionista, fashion student, journalist, and industry insider such as yourself not own a cocktail dress?!?!?!? I just don’t okay! Don’t judge me! Well you can judge me a little, but let me explain! I don’t do cocktails, cocktail parties, or events that force me to dress in a way that I am uncomfortable with. If I can’t wear pants and booties with a moto…I probably don’t want to go. Think of me as Jo from Facts of life, but a bit girl-ier! I drink Jack n’ Coke…which I don’t think classifies as a cocktail, and I’m pretty sure it’s not lady like to drink such things while you’re rockin’ a pink bandage dress. But as I said earlier, I am maturing and becoming a bit more accepting of my vagina-dom. In celebration of this maturation I think it is fine time for me to purchase my very first cocktail dress (or a freakum dress at the very least).

Wish List
Ivy & Blu for Maggy Boutique print fit & flare dress

What are some things you wish for?

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