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Five Military Inspired Must Haves

Military inspired fashion is always a winning choice! 

military inspired

Veterans Day is a holiday dedicated to the men and who who fought for our freedom. They stand on the front lines to give us the liberties we are afforded every day. But that is not the only thing our men and women of the armed services give us. They also give us kick ass fashion inspiration! Continue reading

KeSha: Our Favorite Musicians Style Series

KeSha Inspired Style

KeSha: The epitome of Anti-Fashion

I love music. There is a soundtrack to my life playing constantly in my head. I know exactly what song to play for any occasion…ever! I’m starting to think that it’s no coincidence that all of my favorite artists dress like space cadets! In light of this realization, I present to you:

Soar Thumbs’ Favorite Musicians Style Series Continue reading