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Uggs Outfit Inspiration!

Styling your Uggs in a way that’s not boring or predictable can be a challenge. Here are a few fun ideas to get your mind going!


Classic Ugg boots can have a tendency to make you feel a little boxed in. If you get one of the solid colors like gray, chestnut, black, or chocolate you can find yourself wearing them with traditional color wheel matches or even monochromatic outfits. Continue reading

Ugly Christmas Sweaters Are Back!

No longer just for your aunt Eunice, ugly Christmas sweaters really stick out!

Christmas sweater

 So when I decided to finally give in and buy the humping reindeer Fair Isle sweater I’ve been eyeing, I decided it was time to share my obsession with you guys. I love ugly Christmas sweaters! Continue reading

Halloween can teach you about Sticking Out

Have Halloween Everyday!


The first (and my favorite) holiday of the holiday season is approaching, and its time to have fun prepping and primping your costumes. I haven’t been into the costume thing since I was a young kid. This is probably mostly because I am too crazy to dress up in a mundane, run of the mill, store brought costume. Continue reading