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Aaliyah: She taught us well!

Aaliyah was R&B’s sweetheart…and the sexiest tomboy in pop culture history!


As we countdown to the premiere of the Aaliyah biopic tonight premiering on Lifetime network, I thought it only fitting that we discuss what the she has done for fashion. Though the biopic is destined to be an acute failure, with little hope of telling Aaliyah’s story with any semblance of authenticity, the woman herself was a trendsetter. Aaliyah had the voice of an angel and gave the world timeless tracks like If Your Girl Only Knew, Age Ain’t Nothing but a Number, and 4 Page letter…among many many others. She shaped the listening tastes of many 80’s babies, but she shaped something else…our closets! The iconized songstress will forever be remembered for showing us girls that are less than girly (but still fashionable) that we can be sexy too!

Yep! She pulled off a rocked out dog collar!

From men’s underwear to baggy pants and halters, we learned from this beautiful woman that Sporty Spice was not our only alternative! I remember my first leather vest like it was yesterday! I showed up to school in this vest with a pair of stonewash jeggings, a black wife beater and some patent leather combat boots and stomped through the joint like I owned the place. My black hair in a high ponytail with a leather scrunchie and my black lipstick made me feel like a sexy thug, and I owe it all to the one and only Aaliyah. I was killin em yall…killin softly! (excuse the 90’s era jargon, FLASHBACK)

Aaliyah and Tommy Hilfiger were a match made in heaven

Today, tomboys, STEM’S, and girls who don’t like yeast infection-tight jeans alike can wave their combat boot lover flags high! Why? Because Aaliyah showed us that with a little makeup, some midriff, and a dream…we can be sexy and intimidating at the same time. Now that leather joggers are making a huge comeback, we can reminisce of those days even more without looking like we’re trapped in a time machine. But, we can also sex it up and wear flowing dresses and bikini tops and surprise the shit out of people like our lady Aaliyah did in the rock the boat videos! Because of her and other 90’s greats, we can switch it up with confidence and style!

Boyfriend jeans and a halter top…back in style today
Even as a round the way girl, she rocked her style to the fullest!

Texas & New Beginnings

What Is What down here in the big ol’ state of Texas?

Beyonce Texas

Alright y’all! Your girl has up and moved to the Big Tex, the lone Star State…and I am  ready to get this show on the road. I really wanted to focus on moving to Texas and other very important matters before I got back to steady posting. But I finally think I am settled and everything is almost pretty organized. There are a couple of loose ends here and there…but the blogger me had to tell the OCD/Virgo me to shut the hell up and get to it.

Coming up for the rest of this year, I’ll be exploring what this great state has to offer the fashion world, finding the perfect pair of $500 bucket list cowboy boots, and showing the world my spin on cowgirl chic. What I WONT be doing is falling into stupid stereotypes that northerners have about the south…and namely, Dallas, Texas. No references to 80’s soaps, no line dancing (unless im offered first), and no faux-dirty jeans. I’m quickly learning that this may be the south…but its no small town by any means. There’s much to see and do here in Texas and they even have their own fashion week. I plan to check out the malls, the thrift stores, and some of the flea markets and street fairs…this should be fun. I’m keeping an open mind, which is something I didn’t quite do in Atlanta. Eternal homesickness made me close myself off to everything ATL had to offer and that in turn made me miserable. I vow to not make the same mistake twice. I’m goin’ all out this time, and enjoying the experience.

So far I’ve gotten well acquainted with the Dallas Fort Worth Airport (which is literally the size of Manhattan), realized that Chinese food is NOT a good idea, and found my peace with not being able to see any Eagles or Giants games except on my phone. So far…so good.

The state has inspired me quite a bit! Since I’ve been here I’ve planned an article for you guys on how to dress for bipolar/quasi-constant warm weather. I see that I am definitely going to need to make some adjustments for 80 degree days in november. I’ve discovered that I absolutely must display how I wear warm fall/winter colors in an unseasonably warm fall/winter. I’ll also be writing to you about office wear, and the change of meaning of casual from one region to the next. Texas is bringing some pretty awesome muse-age along with it, and I’ve decided to go with the flow. So stick around to see what I find in this journey. And thanks for sticking around and sticking out thus far!


Winner of the “Let’s Make Music” Necklace by VINCA

And the winner is… Ashlee!!!


Thanks to everyone who entered to win the beautiful “Let’s Make Music” necklace from VINCA!!! I thought a contest was a great way to kick off the new year of Soar Thumb. The winner is Ashlee!!! Congrats to you Ashlee! I’ll be contacting you via email about the details! The winner has 15 days to respond or the prize will be given to the next randomly selected entry! This was so much fun, I’ll be sure to have more contest in the future.

Remember to check out the VINCA website for more awesome pieces. They have something for everyone!

Vinca Let’s Make Music Necklace Review & Giveaway

Vinca makes beautiful and unique jewelry that’s playful and whimsical!


You guys know that I am a fan of home grown, grass roots, and independent labels! So when I was contacted by Vinca to try a sample of their jewelry I was very excited. I chose their “Let’s Make Music” necklace, it was a difficult choice, but when I saw that necklace I was automatically in love! Continue reading