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21 Fashion Instagram Accounts You Should Follow

Instagram with true style and grace!

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The fashion industry is not as glamorous as it looks….well okay, maybe it is….but it takes a lot of hard work to get to the fabulous part! It’s mostly because fashion is subjective, and people are fickle. I know that Soar Thumb is no Vogue sized institution, but Continue reading

VMAs: The good, the bad, the horrible!

The VMAs got mixed reviews, but all in all…not so bad!


Well, the VMAs were interesting. This is supposed to be a best dressed post but there weren’t really any spectacular dressers. As a matter of fact, there were more poorly dressed celebs than anything else. Continue reading

Best Dressed for Week Ending 7/21/13

This week’s best dressed list is a bit quirky! There are shiny jumpsuits, bedazzled arm slings, and polka dots!

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This week I would’ve liked to have written about Kate Middleton…but I’m sure she had her baby in a traditional hospital gown. *Google search ideas: Is there a royal baby having outfit?* But over on this side of the pond, people are really letting themselves experiment with wardrobe in these summer months. I must say that I like most of what I see! Continue reading

Best Dressed for Week Ending 7/07/13

Festivals and summer time street styles make up this week’s best dressed!

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I am switching up on you guys! You won’t mind…I promise. And besides, everyone should try to add a little spice to their relationships every so often. So for this week’s best dressed I’m pulling out the whip cream and handcuffs of Soar Thumb. Continue reading

Best Dressed For Week Ending 6/30/13

Sara Jessica Parker is at it again, Posh Spice gives it to us, and more in this week’s best dressed!

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Last week was a tad quiet in the entertainment industries, but not quiet enough to not have a week’s best dressed list. Everyone was on their way to Paris for fashion week, and many of the week’s best events happened across the pond. Continue reading