Shoes Make the World Go ‘Round

Now I know why women obsess over SHOES!



Okay guys, I am trying to breathe and catch my breath as I write this…but I am so excited. Today, boys and girls, we will be discussing SHOES!!! I totally could not identify with any woman who was addicted to shoes; I was more of a coat/outerwear girl myself. Until recently, about two years ago, I was a definite sneaker/boot head and when I did buy fancy girl shoes…I just picked what I liked and moved it along. I don’t know what happened but all of a sudden I was thirsty for shoes! It’s like I had never worn or bought a pair before. There are so many different ways for you guys to Stick Out just from your ankles down. I have learned the art of the statement shoe, and I’ll never let it go! So, with that being said, I think I’ll show you some fantastic finds I got from around the internet. These are some of my favorite colors, prints, and shoe trends right now!

The animal print stiletto is making waves right now. I love to wear these prints with bold colored outfits like reds, yellow, and purple. My friends argue me up and down that this shoe is not an animal print, but it looks like butterfly wings to me! These Alexander McQueen pumps are my life, and they’re camo colored. They cost $398 which is a little steep, but I just think they’re awesome.

McQ from Alexander McQueen Camo Print Court Shoes $398

A pair of animal print shoes on the lower price range are these kick ass pair of leopard print and purple stilettos from Bebe. I’m no big fan of the brand, but when I saw these on Polyvore I went ape shit! I mean it was all out party time on my computer screen and my husband had to fan me and smack me out of delirium! They only cost about 150 bucks and they go with almost everything I own.

These can be found on Made by Bebe $140

Stripes are kicking for the summer, but its been one of my favorite prints long before it was trendy. I have this pair of Christian Louboutin heels plastered across the middle of my vision board this year. It may seem shallow, but hey, a fashionista’s gotta dream right?! These bad boys have a price tag upwards of $1000, so no, I won’t be buying them. But, I’m damn sure gonna try to make ‘em, and if I do I’ll post a DIY.

Louboutin $995 Foraine Glitter Platform Pump

I found this cute pair of striped shoes on and they are made by Shoe Republic. They are adorable and the price is not a stroke inducing $1000, they’re just $89.

Made by Shoe Republic sold on heel.scom

I am also very into bright and gaudy this year! The brighter the better. There are so many to choose from this season, I just purchased a few pair in electric blue, coral, and turquoise from JustFab. Here’s a few pairs from around the internet for inspiration.

These Beauts are the Aldo Mazar. They can be found at for $88
$69.99 at
The Carolyn from Shoes Republic
New Look’s Bright Floral Platform Shoes
Found on
Priced at around 28 Pounds.


  1. Fashion Tag (Dana Cristina)

    shoes!!!! nothing beats them, there was that saying from SATC give a girl the right pair of shoes and she’ll conquer the world. ah… so true! i love them all, though hot heels are definitely my faves. I’m so tall though and can;t really wear those amazing platform and heeled ones, but i do love heels and try to rock them as often as i can! great post :) xxx

    • Krystal Orr

      I must admit this is a new obsession for me! I am having so much fun with all the options. Im 5’4 myself and sometimes my heels are so high I see eye to eye with my hubby who is 6’1! lol It kinda freaks him out…so funny!