What does your preferred purse style say about you?

Your purse is certainly an extension of your outfit, but it can also be an indicator of your personality and lifestyle.


I just realized a few days ago, that I change my purses with my mood. It usually has little to do with what I’m doing that day, or what my outfit looks like. When I go from black to red, I’m usually feeling a bit feisty and need a pop of color. When I go from satchel to hobo, I feel like I might me unprepared or leaving something and am compelled to just throw everything I could possibly need into a bag. When I take a clutch I’m probably feeling vulnerable or like I may be overdressing or doing too much. So, I thought it would be fun to look at this a little closer. What does your bag of choice say about you?

Are you a doctor bag kinda girl? You’re probably a classic dresser with a closet full of staple garments. You love to stick out using color accessories and makeup, but you like your clothes tailored with sharp clean lines. You like your bag to fit your personality, sharp, organized, and overly prepared. You probably go for the doctor bag because it’s big enough to fit your daily necessities but not as unstructured as a hobo purse. You need the room but you need to keep that refined style intact. But there are a few choices for our doctor bag loving ladies who like there structure with a little edge. Check out this weathered vintage tribal style doctor satchel at Etsy! You’re probably also a big fan of the bowling bag or satchel for your weekend play dates!

The envelope, fold over, or clutch you’re favorite? You are care free! You leave the house with your cell, ID, phone, and lipstick and don’t worry about the consequences. Besides probably being very decisive and good at thinking on your feet, you’re probably a very casual yet classic kind of girl. You love a blazer, tee, and blue jeans, and in the winter you are rocking the finest offerings in the riding boot category. You love to shake it up with your purse and shoe colors and you look for your favorite bag in many different shades and textures. Something else you may want to try is the portfolio clutch and oversized clutch.

My bucket and hobo bag girls are a special breed! We have a tendency to be modern day hippies who love colors and hate structure. We need to feel prepared for every situation and love an adventure, what better bag to accommodate this lifestyle than a big slouchy hobo purse. If you love the hobo or slouchy purse, you’re probably a fan of maxi skirts, denim jackets, gladiator sandals and moto or cowboy boots. Imperfections in an outfit are charming to you and you love a nice scuff to shake things up. The bucket purse and the feed purse are also nice substitutions for the hobo bag.

Back pack lover are you? Well you are a gal who likes to have her hands free. You also probably enjoy a specialty backpack line more than most! Whether it’s for incessant fidgeting or getting things done right and fast, you need those hands fully functional when you’re out and about! You’re probably a big fan of all things casual, practical, and comfortable. You probably feel most productive in square heels, sneakers, or a cute pair of UGG’s. Oversized sweaters are your friends in the winter, and the denim vest is how you spunk up your summer days. Tights or good old fashion dungarees are your preference. Also, you can rock a tribal print with the best of them. But, if you like backpacks, you certainly love the messenger bag. If you feel a little too hippy for the messenger bag you probably rocking a cute little shoulder or sling bag, and if you’re feeling really classy you might pull out the classic Chanel 2.55 purse!



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