Pretty boys are a pain in the butt

Pretty Boys look all nice and shiny at first glance…but they can be so much trouble.


If your grandma is anything like mine was, she told you to marry an ugly guy and stay away from overly pretty boys. Don’t get me wrong, I love my pretty boy to death! But, he is not one of those pretty boys that make you want to stab him with an eyelash curler! Those are the kinda pretty boys I’m talking about. The differences:

  • A well-kept handsome guy will take between 15-30 minutes longer than you to get dressed.
  • Pretty boys will take the entire day and roll out the red carpet from his car to your door when he comes to pick you up.
  • A handsome guy hates to get stains in the middle of the day or scuffs on his shoe.
  • Pretty boys will turn around, go home, change, stop at footlocker, flirt with the sales girl, stop to check his reflection in the Macy’s window on the way back to the car, and then pause to put on ‘lip balm’ before he drives off.
  • A well-kept guy may ponder not wanting to go out if he’s gone too long without a haircut or a shave.
  • Pretty boys would NEVER go too long without a haircut or a shave – and if he did he would die of a broken heart and feeling ugly inside. And if he does not die within 24 hours of the realization that he needs a haircut he will call all through the Google listings until he finds a late night barber shop.

Want some examples of the differences? Matthew McConaughey, Channing Tatum, and Robert Downey Jr. are well-kept. Well, Robert Downey Jr. looks kinda like a douche…but you get my point. On the contrary Kanye West, Justin Bieber, and Robert Pattinson are pretty boys.

Pretty Boy
Kanye West is proving himself to be a bigger pretty boy and D-bag everyday
Pretty Boy

In the end what we all want is a man who smells good, combs his hair, knows a little about style, and farts in public. Not a guy who spends more time shopping than we do, steals our razors, and uses facial masks.

Pretty boys
Ashton is so effortlessly fly!

Wait Ladies! Before you go…here’s a bit of eye candy! They may be douchy or maybe not, but damn they look good doing it! #PrettyBoysRock

Pretty Boy
He’s a bunch of chocolatey goodness!
Pretty Boy
And…I know its seeming like I have an unhealthy thing for brothers…but in case you were wondering, I’m team Dean!
Pretty Boy
Just…Idris Alba!
pretty boy
Both of the Salvatore brothers are gorg…but Damon will always have my heart. *swoons*
Pretty Boy
Robert Downey Jr…he’s still got it!
Pretty Boy
Mark Wahlberg, all the way down to that Boston accent.
Pretty Boys
Ryan Gosling had me at Notebook!
Pertty Boys
Pharell Williams is a bit of a pretty boy…but he’s toootally worth it! lol


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