Over 30 and Wearing What The F#@! I Want – Weekend Rant

Over 30?? Yea! Your still a hottie!

over 30

As someone in the fashion industry who went to school to be able to dictate what people wear, I write this without the amount of hesitation that I should have. But ladies…stop letting people tell you what to wear. No white after Labor Day, no miniskirts over thirty, cover your cleavage or your legs, all of the rules will not apply to everybody. Its okay to take fashion advice, but to abide by “rules” is a bit archaic and a little high school-y (yea, I just made that up). We are not on the set of Clueless ladies. We are grown assed women. Our fashion decisions should be based on what makes us feel comfortable, what gives us confidence, and what the fuck we want to wear!

over 30
mm hmm she’s over 30 too!

I just read an article on WHOWHOWEAR -which I am usually a huge fan of- and it was borderline offensive. The article was called 25 Items You DEFINITELY Need to Toss By Age 30. I am certainly privy to all of the ageism that happens in the fashion and entertainment industries, but then to project that on to regular women who come to you for advice is a bit despicable. It is evident that the writer who crafted the article has a few more of life’s basic lessons to grasp. First one they should read about is 30 being the prime of your life. There are many 30 year olds that look better, younger, healthier, and more confident than some 20 year olds. Thirty is the age where you have learned who you are and are more comfortable in your own skin. So now I need someone to explain to me why I should throw away my faux leather leggings that make my ass look amazeballs because I’ve entered a new decade!

The article contains a few valid common sense points. But some of the items on this list are ridiculous. Who would 33 yr old Zoe Deschanel be without a classic pair of flat mary jane’s or saddle shoes? I’m sure Megan Good (31) owns only miniskirts and body con dresses…exclusively!

over 30
Yes…she’s over 30 and looks amazeballs in those mary janes.
over 30
Megan Good….enough said!


The article says you should replace your ill fitting clothing with more figure flattering pieces like this. Sorry, but this is one ugly ass dress, who the fuck is gonna wear this dress at 30?!?!? I can’t even see my self wearing this shit at 40!

over 30
this dress gives me nightmares of active senior communities.

Leaving celebrities out of the equation still leaves us with an age group filled with beautiful, shapely, stylish women who look better in a lot of things than they have ever before. So once again, I am on my ageism soap box screaming! Don’t let these types of ideas, articles and so called “rules” determine your style. If you like it, screw what people think. 30 is just a number and your hips don’t lie!

Unless of course you’re wearing kitten heels….in that case pleased reconsider! Lol!

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