The Olsen Twins serve up style at any price point!

The Olsen Twins: Style Icons!

Olsen Twins

The Olsen twins are more than just child stars! Besides the fact that they still do the occasional acting, the twins have become iconic powerhouses in the fashion industry. This post isn’t meant to be a profile piece….maybe I’ll do a complete work up of the two in the near future. This post is to highlight why their style and designs are so versatile.
From Olsenboye to The ROW to StyleMint, one thing stays the same…that Olsen aesthetic you can spot from a mile away! That is not to say all the lines look the same. They all offer different things, for different markets, at different price points. The similarity is the under spoken elegance, the complete destruction of fashion monotony, and the image of the hipster with an old soul! What I love about the different lines and brands they produce and represent is that the style factor is so versatile across the board.
Their line at the lowest price point, Olsenboye for JCPenney, manages to capture both Mary-Kate’s flawless hobo chic style and Ashley’s more rugged hipster style. The two styles merge perfectly in a clothing line that could fit any city girl, beach bum, or tomboy from the ages of 16-25.

The Row is the high fashion line by the Olsen twins and it will definitely grow you up a notch. It is made with the mature yet young and stylish girl in mind. They don’t in any way glamorize youth, an over rated option for todays fashion designer. Although the two are the youngest winners of the CDFA Womenswear of the Year award, their garments scream refinement and evolved elegance.

I am a fan of StyleMint for a different reason. I love how earthy and trendy the items offered on this site are. So, let’s say I’m sticking out with an outfit I just picked out at a thrift shop or on Etsy…one of the only places I know that I will find the perfect staple piece to pull it all together: StyleMint. The Olsen Twins infamous T is all over the site, and the other pieces are as Olsen twin dipped as the tee’s and blouses.