Nicki Minaj Misses the Mark At the MET Gala 2013

Nicki Minaj Totally Blew It At the MET Gala!

Nicki Minaj

I was under the assumption that Nicki Minaj’s new tame look was for American Idol purposes only. Well, you know what they say about assuming! I am not a huge super fan, but I was looking forward to her appearance at this year’s MET Gala. With a theme like “Punk: Chaos to Couture”, the artist had free reign to be totally outrageous. But, I guess you know the world is changing when Gisele Bundchen is dressed more outrageously than America’s favorite Barbie doll, Nicki Minaj.

Not only was the silhouette of her dress a bit on the boring side…it was also in navy blue! Navy blue!? Minaj goes from glam to teacher in 60 seconds, and it was shocking as all get out.  The platinum blonde hair was a bit redeeming, but not much. The event has a history of making stars bring out their inner Halloween lover for one night a year, and many people have made headlines with shocking ensemble choices. I’m sure she must have gotten this memo. I’m sure someone had to whisper in her ear…where are all the little birdies when you need ‘em? Nicki Minaj…MET Gala…Navy Blue….huge FAIL stamp from the Soar Thumb family.

After years of this…

Nicki Minaj
Crazy, colorful, confidence!

And this…

Nicki Minaj
Bubble gum popping, stiletto stomping electricity

THIS was completely anticlimactic! She doesn’t even look as happy, confident, and comfortable as usual. I am sad!

Micki Minaj MET Gala 2013
Navy Blue??!! Really Nicki?!? Navy effin blue?!?!


  1. flo411

    I love love LOVE her hair……but her makeup looks sad. Maybe it’s because she is sad…..her look saddens me….now I am sad :( But seriously, whomever contoured her face needs to die!

    • Soar-Thumb

      I am never a huge fan of her makeup lol. I love her natural complexion, and whoever does her makeup now goes about three shades too light. I think they think that because she has naturally high cheek bones there is no need for contouring and highlighting. That is absolutely false! I just hope she doesn’t lose herself. Even on her YouTube vid, when she’s free styling on the steps, she looks to have a unique fashion sense. I want her to be herself!

  2. Yvonnda Vonnie Shelton

    hahahahaha Krystal, she totally missed it as usual. I thought she hired a new style team. What the HECK Happened! I am all for doing something different but this was plain boring and left field.

    • Soar-Thumb

      Yes indeed! I think her new stylist may be in over her head. Don’t get me wrong, I am not saying her style was flawless and wearable, but this new one is just plain boring! I know she wanted to tone down to be taken more seriously as an artist, but she toned down to a librarian. lol!

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