Music Festival Season and Richie Havens Inspired Outfits

It’s Music Festival Season!!!

That skirt a little bit too fun and flirty?! Tramp it up with a cut off tee and moto jacket!

My mother is a hippie! She was a little late for the whole flower power, pcp popping hippie days, but she somehow ended up behaving like one. My father is a fan of folk music because of some time he spent in the Midwest in his teenage years. So, I grew up with quite a bit of Richie Havens, Mississippi John Hurt, and Elmore James. Now…these artists are ahead of my parent’s time, so I know their eons ahead of mine. But I love them the same! No cup of Jack Daniels is complete without some folk or blues…or Hendrix in the background! I am acutely aware that there is an 86% chance that most of my readers have no idea what I’m talking about right now, so I’ll just go ahead with the post.

Woodstock performer and Folk singer Richie Havens passed away back in April of a heart attack in his New Jersey home. The singer is famous for his legendary stage performances and for being the first act to perform on the Woodstock stage in 1969. This man made music that made you want to laugh and cry and drink and sometimes…jump off a cliff! I can still recall seeing my mother and grandmother dance together to his records in the living room. I think I may be the youngest person to actually feel at a loss for this great talent. It is music festival season yet again, and his legacy lives on. All of us Gen Y, X, Z’s and millennial’s are gearing up to go to the Woodstock’s of our day!

In his honor, we here at Soar Thumb thought it was appropriate to feature a few Woodstock/Richie Havens inspired pieces! The Hippe/Boho chic look is on the comeback for this summer, and Coachella street style photos have shown us some of the most unique ways to style these fashions. So here we are to give you more groovy ideas for this look.

RIP friend, you music will live on forever.

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