Minnie Mouse Covers Love Fashion Magazine

Minnie Mouse does Love Magazine!

 minnie mouse in love magazine

As someone who knows every song in The Little Mermaid, and still cries every time I see Mufasa die, I can definitely say that I am more emotionally connected to Disney than any 29 year old should be! But there is no bias when I say that it is fine time Minnie Mouse has gotten her props in the fashion community! Before we wanted to be like any celebrity we want to be like Minnie Mouse (or some other equally divalicious Disney princess)! I was a huge, dorky, excited fan of the Barney’s/Disney runway show, but now she’s made it to print! Her beauty and undeniable fashion savvy have been immortalized on the cover of Love, a fashion magazine.

That’s not all! Love mag commissioned some of the biggest designer names in fashion to reinvent the traditional Minnie Mouse ears! They came up with some of the dopest headbands I’ve seen since 1993, and I totally want one…or all of them!

minnie mouse in love magazine
Minnie Mouse ears designed by Prada
minnie mouse in love magazine
Minnie Mouse ears reinterpreted by Loius Vuitton

Gucci, Miu Miu, Prada and Louis Vuitton designed Minnie Mouse ear headbands for the magazine and the five featured model. The models appear on the different versions of the magazine cover and they look almost as fabulous as Minnie herself! I am especially inclined to love the photo of Chiharu Okunugi in all her plaid glory!

minnie mouse in love magazine
Chiharu Okunugi is my favorite photo in this campaign!
minnie mouse in love magazine
Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Brings those ears by Miu Miu to life
Minnie Mouse in love magazine
Cara Delevingne sheds her makeup in Minnie Mouse editorial for Love Mag

Editor and Chief Katie Grand explains her inspiration for the cover and editorial:

“There was something about that look—knowing, but genuine, and genuinely sweet—that got me thinking. I’ve always been a big fan of Minnie’s style, that polka-dot bow and dress. So we set about getting my favourite girls in Minnie Mouse ears that had been enhanced by the likes of Miu Miu and Jake and Dinos Chapman for Louis Vuitton. But that wasn’t enough; we had to get Minnie Mouse herself in on the act too. So she flew across the Atlantic all the way from Disneyworld to a studio in North London so we could shoot her for the cover.”

Since I probably make a grossly small fraction of the amount of money needed to buy one, I will probably try my hand at making one. If I do, I will be super sure to post a tutorial. In the meantime, visit the Love Mag website to click through the Minnie Mouse takeover! It’s so cute you’ll want to squeal.

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