Five Military Inspired Must Haves

Military inspired fashion is always a winning choice! 

military inspired

Veterans Day is a holiday dedicated to the men and who who fought for our freedom. They stand on the front lines to give us the liberties we are afforded every day. But that is not the only thing our men and women of the armed services give us. They also give us kick ass fashion inspiration!  Here are Soar Thumb’s top five military inspired staple items.

This first one is a color…but you get my point, lol. Olive green is such a wonderful color. It’s neutral but not basic. It’s dark but not boring. And it goes with ever gold accessory you own! #Bonus It matches with all of the other neutral colors! I can’t get enough of olive because it’s a nice way to add a pop of color without going all Gaga on these bitchez!

What started as “olive drab” in the forties and is known as OG-107 in the military today is a staple of military uniforms. Although they have moved on from using the solid color on uniforms it is still the base color of the fatigues we see today.

The fatigue jacket is a staple item that will never go out of style. Whether you brought it on a routine trip to the army surplus store, at your fave thrift shop, or brought a new fancy one from American Eagle, it’s a must have item in any wardrobe. They match everything, they can be used to take any outfit to kick ass status, and most of them are really warm and practical. This sounds like a miracle garment!

Combat boots are a staple fall item. They come in so many different styles that it’s hard to only own just one pair. Whether you’re into original Doc Martins or you love a pair from Charlotte Russe these bad boys work wonders for versatility!

I love myself a nice military cap! It’s great for bad hair days, sure. But the cute little cap is also nice for great hair days. Curl those ends and throw on a military cap and you’re set to go.

military inspired
Rihanna in casual Military Cap

You gotta love a nice double breasted peacoat. They make the winter worth braving! They come in so many shapes and silhouettes that you can afford to have at least 5 different ones in your wardrobe without feeling redundant.

So thank you to all you veterans and active duty servicemen. Thank you for your service and making sure our home is protected! And thank you for the cool threads too!

military inspired
Thanks to our service men and women for all you do for this country.

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