Miley Cyrus Style: the non stop rockin’ chick?

Miley Cyrus Style grows up with a bang!

Miley Cyrus

I am not ashamed to say that I have loved Miley Cyrus since Hanna Montana! I have a niece who is within the Hanna Montana age range, and after being forced to sit through a jillion reruns, I started to like the show. But the Miley Cyrus style evolution is intriguing!

Miley Cyrus style
Miley Cyrus in 2011 at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards

Some people are not so happy with Miley Cyrus’ seemingly sudden switch to adulthood, but I…am not one of those people! I have been waiting for Miley to turn 21 so that I may live vicariously through her ratchet youngness! Her and Selena Gomez are nauseatingly young and fancy free! They can make stupid videos with their friend’s lip-syncing “Call Me Maybe” and twerking in a plushy costume! I can’t do that kinda stuff so much anymore, now that I’m knocking on 30 and all (or at least that’s what I tell my mother). But partaking in anthropomorphic fetishes is not all that being young is about. It’s about experimenting, checking out what ya like, and cutting out what ya don’t like! As long as she doesn’t go crazy (which would break my heart) I’m rooting for the chick that looks like Justin Bieber when she wears a hat! Anthropomorphic and androgynous!?!? You had me at hello! Miley Cyrus style trends will be interesting to see.

Remember when I called Miley Cyrus the Sinead O’Connor of our generation? Well I fucking meant it! And this is exactly the expectation she’s living up to. The Miley Cyrus style evolution started with attitude…and lots of it! First she told Disney to kiss her ass goodbye. Then she got rid of all that pesky hair. Then she dated her costar. Then she started hanging with rappers like Tyler the Creator.  Now she is making masterpiece vids filled with gold teeth, ass smacking, and French fry sculptures. If ever I wanted kids…it would be right now…so I could adopt her! Would that make me a MILF? One can only dream!

The short hair and red pout made her rebellious, but the twerking and pop culture, hip hop slang infused single and video are making her absolutely bad ass. I planned this post about a week ago because I found some awesome pictures of the Miley Cyrus style aesthetic around the internet and just wanted to let everyone know that I am #teamMiley. But the video premiered today…and I friggin love it! I knew change was on the horizon ‘when the taxi man turned on the radio…and a Jay-Z song was on’! Back then Miley Cyrus couldn’t admit to listening to Jay-Z…but I knew she secretly knew all the lyrics to Big Pimpin’. Oh…and Big ass life size teddy bear backpack?!?!? Shit Yeah!


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