Leave Miley Cyrus Alone! – Midnight Rant

Miley Cyrus is not the first woman in history to slut it up for the VMAs! – Weekend Rant – Midnight Rant

miley Cyrus

…and she won’t be the last! If we were just trash talking Miley Cyrus because she was plain old bad, or because she was a subpar performer, I might be able to turn the other cheek to all the shit talking. But the universe ganging up on her is unfair. Why? Because we are only doing it because she’s a child star. Madonna has at least three decades of questionable behavior under her belt. Earlier this year we watched the world’s most disgusting lap dance while Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne performed High School.


Lady Gaga wore a THONG for the entire gotdamn show! She sat in a seat in a stadium bare assed in a damn thong!?! So what’s the difference between all of these ladies and Miley Cyrus? Miley is a child star!

miley cyrus
Yes…lady Gaga remained in that thong for the rest of the evening!

Amanda Bynes has shown us what happens when child stars don’t get to grow up. They feel so much pressure to appeal to their child fans that they can’t themselves become adults. You should not be talking about how good or bad Miley is for your daughter….because Miley Cyrus is a GROWN FUCKING WOMAN. Find another child star to raise your child for you. That Selena Gomez girl seems nice. But all of the little kiddies are growing up! Selena Gomez has an ex-boyfriend that smokes weed. Taylor Swift is slowly making her way through every man in Hollywood. Are we giving her a pass because she gets around in an innocent looking, flowy floral dress? Amanda Bynes on something. So stop relying on your child’s so called role model…because those role models will grow up and mind fuck you into complete disgust.

Rose McGowan wore a dress made out of dental floss.

miley cyrus

Lil Kim wore her titties out to this same award show on several occasions. Once, even she and Diana Ross had a little girl on girl boobie action.

miley cyrus
Lil Kim and the case of the exposed boob

Hell, girl on girl is a trend at the VMAs. Our girl Madge swallowed Christian Aguilera’s AND Britney Spears’ faces one year.

miley cyrus
Britney, Madge, and Christina got it in that year…no complaints.

Other awards shows and venues apply too! In 2011 Rosario Dawson grab the hell out of Paul Rudd’s package in an acceptance speech for the Film Independent Spirit Awards.

miley cyrus
Rosario-Dawson grabs paul rudd’s stuff

I am just disgusted at how biased people are. People root for obscenity from one artist and shun it from another. Again…MILEY CYRUS IS A GROWN ASSED WOMAN. She’s not the little blonde haired dual life living little country singer you remember and want to her to remain forever. The performance last night was not any more risqué than any of the other rock and hip hop diva’s to grace the stage.

Also, here’s another little tidbit for all the meme making internet trolls. The Smith family was not making those faces at Miley’s performance, actually they were dancing along. That is actually a photo taken during Gaga’s performance. You can check out the full story, proof, and footage over on The Blaze.

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