Michael Jackson: Gone but never forgotten

Michael Jackson: A style icon!

Michael Jackson

Everyone wants to dress like Michael Jackson! It doesn’t matter which era you prefer: Jackson 5 70’s retro, 80’s soft punk, 90’s military inspired chic, or the just plain weird (but awesome) wardrobe he favored in his final days. Michael Jackson was not only a musical genius but a fashion hero, and upon learning of his untimely death…even the hardest gangsta rappers wanted to pay homage in the form of imitation. I have learned many of my life and fashion lessons from Michael, including the fact that penny loafers and sweat socks just…work!

I want to share with you how to pull off the Michael Jackson look! Not just by wearing the Michael Jackson t-shirt now and then…but actually dressing like the King of Pop himself! Where do we even get started when detailing how adaptable and often times comfortable this style can be? I’ll tell you where! We start with the accessories!

No one even knows who Eric Estrada is anymore. I hate to say it…but us CHIPS fans and baby sisters of CHIPS fans are the last of a dying breed. If it weren’t for Michael Jackson never letting go of his style staples…the aviator shades may have fallen to the wayside! He rocked those shades with a winning smile every time. The loafers are timeless, and a super comfortable and stylish addition to any girls wardrobe! Penny loafers have been associated with many things through the years. But when Michael cosigned, they because staples. I have a pair in black and a high heel pair in brown. They can add a hint of naughty school girl or a down to earth, cool and preppy look. He also did the fedora with ease, and the bow tie was also a fan favorite!

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You cannot pull off the Michael Jackson inspired look without the proper outerwear! From military jackets to varsity jackets to leather jackets to statement blazers, Michael Jackson tried them all. This needs absolutely no explanation…but I will try! If you have any kind of issue with weather, bloating, over eating at dinner with friends, hiding back fat, or layer with the least bit of effort…put on a jackets. A leather jacket with black denim jeans or a varsity jacket with a circle skirt, your options are endless.

Michael Jackson
Classic MJ! We all had the red leather jacket…or something like leather lol!
Michael Jackson
Yep…those are little mini gold plated license plates! What?
Michael Jackson
Fancy Military jacket
Michael Jackson
Another very fancy military jacket

Lastly, let’s talk about Michael and his love hate relationship with prints. This is a trend from earlier in his career, and we didn’t see him in many prints after the 80’s. But when he did it…he did it awesomely! In the 70’s he and his brothers loved the leisure suit, and they did that well. Michael was even known to mix a print or two in his day. In the early 80’s he played around with printed pants and floral shirts. This all culminated to make him a man that wasn’t afraid to experiment with his own sensibilities and style preferences. I can definitely appreciate the fact that Michael Jackson may have had a stylist and a glam team, but was always true to himself.

Michael Jackson
Excessive! Just how we here at Soar Thumb like it!
Michael Jackson
Yea…he did it first! Now don’t be afraid…go out and mix those prints!

Okay…ready, set, shop! Here are a few of my favorite pieces that are all inspired by the late, great Michael Jackson! Here you’ll find aviator shades, loafers, a fedora, a bow tie, the military jacket, the varsity jacket, and a beautiful mixed print dress for inspiration!

*None of the items featured here were paid features. They are all items I like and have or would buy.


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