Leopard Print Dress – Fall Transitions

This leopard print dress is definitely coming to fall with me!

leopard print

Well, you guys know by now that I am all about the bad ass outfit! If I can have leopard print, a moto jacket, and studs all in the same outfit…I’m happy! The moto jacket is my favorite, and you will probably see it in a million of my photos, but this jacket from Express has really been a great buy for me. It matches everything I own…almost literally! You can see it style another way in my article about the Walking Dead. The only thing about this jacket that I could think of to complain about is that the pockets aren’t real. At first I thought it was a life hack situation and tried to cut the thread that sewed the pockets up…but that didn’t work.

Leopard Print
This moto Jacket goes with everything!!!

leopard print

This leopard print dress is vintage. I stole it from my mom, and I really love it because it’s sort of an old school kind of maxi dress. It is sheer and comes with a slip…very retro! It also has an amazing split up the back which you just don’t see anymore. The dress is sleeveless, so I have been brainstorming ways to transition it to fall, and the moto jacket is the perfect answer. I haven’t worn it with tights yet, so I’m not sure if it will carry over to the winter, but I’ll update you guys as soon as I try it. And this dress is the right way to wear leopard print from head to toe, unlike these ways!

Leopard print
Old School Kind of maxi dress! It pulls out all the stops!
Leopard Print
That split is perfect!

These shoes are my absolute favorite flat booties! They are the Zurich boot from Justfab.com and I struggled with deciding to order them. I am so happy I did. They are a little long so if you wear anything over a size nine, I’d purchase with caution. Other than that I have no complaints. They are super comfy, especially since I purchased some of the Jus Fab insoles to go along with them, but they were comfy before the insoles. I also love the gold treatments and studs.

Leopard Print
The Zurich Bootie from Just Fab

This outfit is super comfortable, breathable and easy, and fun to style with accessories and your favorite pompadour! The shades are Old Navy and the lipstick is MAC in Russian Red. Now, the Russian Red lipstick is a bit dark for my taste, and I have naturally darkly colored lips, so my trick to brighten up any shade is to throw some under eye concealer on your lips before you apply your lipstick. This is a great trick and it seems to make my lipstick stay on a bit longer!

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