Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett: Cheek to Cheek

Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett team up.

Lady Gaga

I had never really been a jazz fan until Amy Winehouse came out. Even then, my only interest in the genre was to learn more about her influences specifically. Then Treme premiered on HBO and I learned that there were types of jazz that didn’t make you feel insane or put you to sleep. There was such a thing as toe tapping, Princess and the Frog, my name Raymon from da Bayou-jazz. Now, I‘m in love…but just with that type of jazz. I won’t be catching any Winton Marsalis concerts anytime soon. But I must say I am excited about a possible collaboration between Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett. As a New Yorker I can’t help but be drawn to this strange duo in a New York New York, Mack the Knife kinda way.  And with 22 Grammy’s between Lady Gaga and Bennett, how could you not be curious.

Lady Gaga
Breaking News Lady Gaga & tony Bennett are at it again!

The apparently long awaited album will make its debut on September 23. The video for the single was released today, which is Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett’s cover of Cole Porter’s “Anything Goes”. The two have sung together before on one of Bennett’s albums and I must say the song was spectacular, but I didn’t see an entire LP coming. The two are re-imagining classic jazz songs like It Don’t Mean a Thing (If It Aint Got That Swing), Lush Life, and more.

I am super excited to hear the album because, when she’s actually singing, I’m a huge fan. And after the stylish way she and Tony Bennett rolled up to the Today Show this morning in a shiny Rolls Royce, I’m giving them points for sheer swagger. I am also looking forward to the awesome live performances that are bound to be in abundance for next year’s awards season. This is just an all-around win win for music, Gaga, and Tony Bennett lovers!

Lady Gaga
Riding in good old fashion style in their arrival at the Today Show this morning, Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett pull out the Rolls Royce.

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