Halloween can teach you about Sticking Out

Have Halloween Everyday!


The first (and my favorite) holiday of the holiday season is approaching, and its time to have fun prepping and primping your costumes. I haven’t been into the costume thing since I was a young kid. This is probably mostly because I am too crazy to dress up in a mundane, run of the mill, store brought costume. But, I’m also wayyyy too lazy and busy to DIY it! Lol. To make up for these sad and inconvenient truths, my husband and I usually make it a tradition to watch so many horror movies in a 24 hour period that we are scarred for months!

What I’m talking to you guys about today is how we can take a little bit of Halloween with us all year long! This holiday can really teach you how to stick out and be crazy every day.

Halloween is not the only time you can dress up like someone or something else!

Okay, well…maybe you shouldn’t walk around in costumes in August but that doesn’t mean that you can’t wear a cute outfit inspired by an artist, movie, or TV character you love!  Check out my musician style series posts to take a look at how my style is inspired by artists I love. Maybe you just want to wear a ruffled white blouse under that blazer to channel your inner Prince. Or how about rocking a pastel colored pencil skirt to get a look like the housewives in Edward Scissorhands.

Orange is a secretly awesome color!

I know so many people who always say, why are you wearing orange…it’s not Halloween. You know what I say to that!? I say Screw You! My brown skin looks amazing in red and orange so I wear the colors whenever the hell I want! It is not a Halloween color alone and I don’t know how it got the stigma! Okay, I’m done ranting. Just remember Orange represents strength, endurance, enthusiasm, happiness, creativity, and determination! Having a “blah” day? Throw on some orange for a little boost of empowerment.   Capacity

Talking to strangers is awesome!

Whether you’re at the largest Halloween parade in America in NYC or if you’re knocking on doors asking random people for candy, talking to strangers on Halloween is fucking awesome! That should not stop on November 1st. Now, do not knock on anyones door in March asking for Twizzlers. But, it’s perfectly fine and sometimes fun, to talk to the guy in line at Starbucks. It’s a wonder anybody knows anybody with the straight faces and wandering eyes that go on in public places. Nobody ever just strikes up a good convo anymore. It’s sad really. Do it! It’ll be fun!

Painting your face can be fun!

Halloween everyday
Plum fun!

I know I have covered this in many of my makeup posts, but it bears repeating! Ave some fun with your make up. Play with the different colors. You’d be surprised how a little color or a new shade of lipstick can make you feel fun, upbeat, and confident. On Halloween we wear masks and paint our faces like the Bride of Frankenstein…or the Bride of Chucky…whatever floats your boat. These masks and characterization make us bold, fearless, fierce, even if only for one night. The same thing works all year round. If you’re having a blah day try a bold red lip and see if maybe that doesn’t make you feel like She-Ra!

DIY isn’t just for costumes!

I know so many people who say “I’m too lazy to make stuff.” or “I am not handy enough to make my own clothes.” But on Halloween it’s fair game and they’re all the kings and queens of the glue gun! Take this with you all year and I promise your wardrobe will get 10,000 times more interesting.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not an advocate for pretending to be somebody else. Halloween is not just about costumes and transformations, it’s also about having fun and being carefree. Sometimes staying true to who you are means living outside of the box, being bold, and not taking yourself too seriously. These are things that we do proudly on Halloween, but what fun would it be if we did them every day.

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