Gay Pride 2013! – Weekend Rant

Gay Pride has never meant so much!

Gay Pride

I am excited!!!! It is Gay Pride Weekend 2013 in many states across the nation, and there is definitely something to be celebrated! This weekend I had planned to drink fruity drinks (which is totally out of character for me; I’m a Jack n Coke kinda girl), pass out on a pretty tranny, and dance to Let’s Have A KiKi til I was dizzy….but my car is a temperamental bitch! So…I have to watch the Gay Pride fun from home on YouTube and my friends IG videos. Not to worry, that won’t stop me from writing a hella congratulatory post!

Gay Pride

DOMA has been over turned! All we have to do is get all these backwards assed states on board of the love train! Congrats to all of my Lesbian, Gay, Transgendered, Bisexuals, and whatever the hell ‘Q’ stands for! I am so happy and elated. It’s not the whole war…but it’s a helluva battle to win! Now, I can see some of my best friends find love and be happy and have the American dream…regardless of what their family looks like. I’m tearing up as I write this because it is such a simple liberty…unless you are denied it. And I say, hell, if you wanna endure the trials and hardships that marriage may bring voluntarily…that’s your damn prerogative!

Gay Pride
DOMA Is Outta Here!!!!

I’d like to think that we live in a world where people are not judged based on who they love or the color of their skin or their nationality. But, that’s just not the case! When I step outside of my little bubble of friends and family I have to face the fact that there are some real assholes in the world. This weekend across the country, there are a group of people spreading love, cheer, good will, and happiness…and it feels damn good to be able to focus on that! Gay pride rocks!!! And the more gay pride parades and weekends I go to in places like San Fran, LA, Atlanta, Chicago, and New York, the more love I feel for my LGBTQ family! Ok…enough of me making Pride weekend sound like Christmas lol!

Gay Pride
I wanna go with these guys!

Okay, I will tie this back into fashion somehow! If you’re headed out to celebrate this weekend, there are a few places around that you can find some awesome LGBTQ gear and memorabilia! I am guilty of being the ostentatious pride representative. I want the keychain, the choker, the hat, earrings, and a t-shirt! But I know everybody doesn’t rock it like that so here are a few t-shirts from Zazzle that I totally love!

Gay Pride Gay Pride Gay Pride Gay Pride

Go forth my femmes, studs, fairies, bears, transsexuals, gender benders, bisexuals, drag kings and queens,  and straight supporters, Have a huge fucking Kiki! Celebrate what this life means…and have a few French 75’s for me!!!!

Gay Pride Gay Pride

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