FRIEZE!!! Fashions at Frieze New York

Art collectors make a fashion splash at Frieze NY

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My group of friends proves to me every weekend, that when artists and people in the arts get together there’s probably some weird fashion soon to follow. Well, the proof of this is in the pudding after seeing the pictures from the 2nd annual Frieze New York art fair! Photographer Kyle Ericksen takes to Randall’s Island New York and comes back with some shockingly fashion frenzied photos.

Frieze NY art fair in 3 sentences:

Present were 180 galleries, from 40 countries, representing 1000 artist.

It happened in a big tent on Randall Island.

An 80ft inflatable balloon dog is sold for nearly $1 million!

But, we don’t care about any of the hoopla. We just wanna know what they wore! When rich eccentrics, art students, and socialites meet up in the same place there is bound to be some fashion tomfoolery…but totally in a good way.

The distinguished older lady in the purple made my life complete! There is no Mohawk, like a Mohawk over 50! And…its purple! And…its gray! Can you adopt a grandma?! Yes Please!

The young lady with the paint splatter sweatshirt was also something to see. I especially love the two women together who are both dressed like Denise from the Cosby Show! Gold shoes, mixed prints, an orange parka, this is Soar Thumb heaven. And will someone, in the comment section, please tell me where I can find polka dot stockings!!!??

You can count on Soar Thumb to be on that island for the 3rd annual Frieze art fair! I won’t be buying any giant balloon animals, but I will be getting all the zany fashion pictures I can click! Oh…and the chick with the blue sandal boot thingies totally killed it! She looks like Sarah Jessica Parker and Alicia Silverstone had a very stylish baby.

Visit the website to see more photos, to learn about the actual art that was featured, and for more info on next years’ event.

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