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I love doing yoga! It helps me to stay centered, get flexible, and it’s a great bridge between work out days to let your muscles relax. But what I don’t like are crowded classrooms, being wait listed, and being force to try and focus when the lady in front of you is hilariously bad at yoga. So I tried looking for ways to do my yoga in my living room, and that was a bit of a search. Sure…free stuff is rampant these days because of the internet, but quality free stuff is another story! Here are my top five free yoga resources from around the internet.

Do You Yoga is quite possibly my favorite! Not only does she post her series videos on Youtube, but her website is awesome also. She can be hard to keep up with at times but if you push yourself, you’ll find her instruction very rewarding. She’s helped me overcome back pain, insomnia, and not being able to find my focus. The Youtube channel is filled with great videos for not just exercise but all different types of physical problems you might have.

The BeFit Youtube channel is awesome! I like it because there are different instructors, all of different skill types, and they’re all professionals or celebrity fitness instructors! Its a great channel because they focus mostly on the fitness and weight loss aspect of yoga. Jillian Michaels, Denise Austin, Jane Fonda, Billy Blanks Jr., Scott Herman, Samantha Clayton, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Envy Girls, Kym Johnson, Tara Stiles and others will give you a great workout and not just the “om” factor!

My husband is a tech fanatic, and he won’t do anything that’s not in HD, hi res, 1080dp and all that stupidness. So I love this website, because all of the videos are hi quality and hi def. I don’t have to hear my husband complain about sound and quality and the videos stream really fast! has hundreds of videos including a whole section for beginners, videos on meditation, breathing techniques, and even prenatal yoga. It is awesome.

Lululemon is another great website for a little hidden yoga jewel! So where do I start on this one?!?! The e-tailer not only offers kick ass yoga gear, but they help you find your inner Om all over the website. They have featured yoga videos to watch right there on the site that you can do anytime anywhere. A page all about Yoga 101, tells you many important facts. And every week Lululemon stores across the country push products aside and roll out the red…umm…mat, for customers to take free yoga classes right there in store! Yes…I said it! Best. Shit. Ever!

Lastly, is a great, simple, no frills website that is straight forward and incredibly easy to navigate! I love this site because it works well on mobile when Youtube is being a buffering asshole.

Well there you go…my favorite yoga resources from around the internet. Have fun, relax, and Nameste!

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