Floral Friday: Floral Print Pants

Floral Print Pants, in case dresses ain’t your ‘thing’!


Alright you guys, it Friday and you know what that means! This Friday I will be discussing something that most women born after 1974 don’t think they should touch…the floral print pant. This summer you’ll see all types of print pants offered by your favorite brands. Brands run the gamut from fast fashion to midlevel brands to high fashion and runway. The brand is not nearly as important as the fit and style of the pant. Whether you choose a pair from Zara, Neiman’s, or Tom Ford you need to make sure that the fit matches your body type and the shape of your hips. There are a few different styles to choose from including skinnies, leggings, cropped, cigarette, palazzo, wide leg, high waist, and low rise pants. What you choose is up to you but don’t be afraid to try something, it may look fabulous on you.

Wide Legs

These wide leg pants by Derek Lam for 10 Crosby are quite pricey, and I don’t recommend them if you are trying out this trend for the first time. BUT…if you are a floral pant vet OR you are able to try them on first…bless your heart! Buy these pants! They are awesome. They have a retro coloring to them which is being described as watermelon, and the floral print is widespread and not a micro print which can be overwhelming.

Wide leg floral print Derek Lam. $325

A much less expensive alternative are these wide leg trousers from Ralph Lauren. You can find them at Bloomingdale’s for under $100. They are really cute, lightweight, and have lots of movement. Another plus for these if watermelon colored pants aren’t your thing, is that these pants are darker based. They are great all around if you want to try out this trend conservatively.

Ralph Lauren wide leg floral print pants. $82

Skinnies, Crops, or Cigarette

A much more digestible version of this trend comes in conjunction with a trend we’re already familiar with. Many of us have tried, followed, and loved the new skinny jean trend, and it’s even well on its way to becoming a staple. Though skinnies, cropped pants, and cigarette do take some finessing and may not be flattering for everybody, it’s pretty easy to learn the dos and don’ts.

Short women who want to accentuate curves will do well with cropped pants like these in floral prints. They work wonders for your butt and hips, but if you’re under 5’6” you may want to sport these with heels…preferably strappy sandals or something delicate. These cropped floral palazzo top trousers from Zara are perfection! These floral skinny capris from Kate Spade are also cute.

Zara Trousers.$39.95EUR
Kate Spade capris.

Skinny jeans and cigarette pants are pretty much a no brainer. Just make sure you select the right rise for your waist size and height. Also, high waists are always an option and flattering for any shape. Try these high waist floral pants from Forever 21 on for size.


High waisted floral print pant Forever 21. $20


My last two suggestions are alternatives to going full floral. You can grab up some pants that have a floral pattern on them, just not ALLLL on them. Maybe floral racer stripes down the side, a floral waist band or a decorative floral hem. These wide leg pants from Paul & Joe are a great example. Or you can go with a floral that is not exactly a print! Had that Ah-ha moment yet? Let me help you! You can do lace, an eyelet pattern, or a solid colored brocade. Of course the eyelet route tends to favor a more 60’s type of style, but retro is in right?! These floral lace eyelet trousers from TopShop are adorbzballz.

Paul & Joe wide leg pant. $325
Floral lace trousers TopShop. $110

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