Welcome to the First Floral Friday!

I love the floral trend this season!


I don’t love the floral trend because I like flowers, I actually hate flowers, I love it because it’s so versatile. There are a million and one ways you can rock this trend, be stylish for the season, and Stick Out! In light of this discovery, I present to you…‘Floral Friday’s’! Every Friday, until the end of summer, I will show you yet another way you can incorporate florals into your wardrobe without looking like a mall rat/drone.

I started off the series with this abstract floral blazer. I kept my tee and jeans pretty simple because I plan to get increasingly outrageous over the summer. I thought I’d start you off with something a little less ‘bust your shit open’, you know…for my 9-5’ers out there! The blazer is from JCPenny, the jeans are Old Navy Rockstar fit and they are an off white color, the shoes are in coral and I nabbed them at JustFab.com.

Jacket: JCPenny
Jeans: Old Navy Rockstar fit
Shoes: Just Fab
Check my footwork!

I really like the idea of a floral blazer because you can sort of go as crazy or toned down as you like. With this particular blazer I can rock a blouse in a bunch of colors including, purple, yellow, pink, tan, white, brown, or fuchsia! I can also go crazy with some colored denim too! I like it with my khaki colored denim, coral, or dark brown if you’re feeling frisky. Shoes, purses, a cute statement chain…you name it! It will all fit a floral blazer perfectly. What I also like about this blazer in particular is that it’s a ¾ sleeve. I can wear it with a long sleeve blouse if I’m not feeling any wristwear, or I can go with some stacked bracelets, bangles, or a few cute Pandora’s. It’s also an easy fix when you’re doing a little color blocking and you want to pull it all together. You can go with a coral purse, tan tank, and fuchsia jeans. The combo’s are endless!

Floral Friday! Stay Tuned for next weeks’ Floral inspiration!


    • Krystal Orr

      I’m convinced JustFab is heaven’s greenroom!!! I love that site. Thanks so much, I’m glad you like the post! I had chicken legs up until about a year ago, so I’m having maybe a bit too much fun with the skinnies trend. lol!

      Stick Out!

  1. Lara Takahashi

    Florals are tricky for me :D! You can pull them off great, you make that look rock actually, but I have found only a couple of floral items that suit me 😀 Love your hair and the sunnies too :)
    Thanks for your comment on my post – I’m so glad I’m not the only one who thinks that way about fashion “rules” :)

    PS. Liked you on Facebook :)

    • Krystal Orr

      The trend can take some getting used too Lara. But since your so fair skinned I would suggest trying darker floral prints. Maybe a royal blue flower based in black, dark purples, or some darker shades of pink. Thanks for the compliments, and stay tuned I’ve got more Floral Fridays to come.
      Your welcome also, I felt compelled to comment on your post because fashion rules are some of my pet peeves as well. I think it would be more helpful to say “this dress or bathing suit etc. looks best on this body type” than just flat out telling someone that they have broken a “rule”. And I’m following you too! Can’t wait to read more.

  2. Fashion Tag (Dana Cristina)

    omg i love that blazer! i’m so in love with anything floral print, actually obsessed :) And totally agree, u can wear florals in millions of ways. Also u’ve got great style, and those shoes OMG!!! kisses xoxox

    • Krystal Orr

      Thanks so much, Dana! Stay tuned for more Floral Friday’s, I’ll be doing them throughout the summer. I just think this trend is super versatile.