Five Awesome DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

DIY Halloween costume ideas are usually thee best! 

DIY Halloween Costume

Sometimes the only way to ensure that your costume is unique and exactly the way you want it is to make it yourself! I know many DIY costume ideas sound tedious and time consuming…but at least you’ll save the gas of having to travel far and wide to find the perfect costume. There a lot of DIY tutorials out there for Halloween costumes and makeup, but here are the top 5 I love.

The idea of being in black and white as a Halloween costume is fucking genius in my opinion. It’s a costume that looks like you’ve gone all out when really you just applied some make up and wore all black and white. I am a fan of anything that makes me look like a pro but in actuality was really the easy way out! DIY costume ideas like this from around the web are like gold, and I file them away to use later. Here’s an awesome picture from Pinterest and a tutorial on how to get the makeup part right.

DIY Halloween Costume
The Gray scale Halloween costume idea is simple genius!


This Mad Hatter DIY Tutorial is awesome! I love Alice in Wonderland, and I dressed up as the mad hatter a few times as a kid. I love this costume because it can be a wacky as you want, because you’re supposed to be mad as a hatter! The only things I would probably change about this tutorial is the makeup. I would probably go a bit bolder than just a vampy lip. Here are just a few of the fun ways you can go all out with the Mad Hatter makeup.


If you don’t know who @Grav3yardgirl is on Youtube, I need you to stop what you’re doing and go check her out…well maybe just go after you finish reading this post. She has some very very awesome DIY costume ideas and tutorials going on this month for Halloween. My favorite is the insane asylum costume tutorial! I love the fact that it can be done really cheaply, and it is open to interpretation. She really rocked this one out, and her makeup is perfection.

It is not Halloween without your one cheese ball friend who dresses up as a pun or something doofy like a rollercoaster seat! This tutorial is for them. I would so be the friend dressing up as a loofah…if I were going anywhere! This tutorial speaks volumes for itself!

And this last one made my list because it’s really 3 tutorials in one! I am a sucker for a t-shirt tutorial and this one does not disappoint. Make three costumes using t-shirts and some other things you may have lying around? Yes please! Remember those pun’s I was talking about…we’ve got one of them here with the cereal killer tee. And I’m gonna make that t-shirt bunny dress to wear…to the club! You can’t get better than multi-purpose. The only changes I would make to this tutorial is that I would probably do the sticker candy from head to toe, with a white tee and white leggings and a pair of white skippies.

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