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Floral Friday: Florals for fall

Floral pieces don’t have to go away when the weather gets cold.

Floral Print

I am in the process of preparing for fall, and that means that my blog is too. If there is one thing I can’t do is being on two different pages with different projects that are occurring on the same timeline. So, while my closet is getting hit with the reset button, I’ll try to do the same thing here at Soar Thumb. But here’s some good news. I’m doing one last floral Friday today! Continue reading

Welcome to the First Floral Friday!

I love the floral trend this season!


I don’t love the floral trend because I like flowers, I actually hate flowers, I love it because it’s so versatile. There are a million and one ways you can rock this trend, be stylish for the season, and Stick Out! In light of this discovery, I present to you…‘Floral Friday’s’! Continue reading