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Texas & New Beginnings

What Is What down here in the big ol’ state of Texas?

Beyonce Texas

Alright y’all! Your girl has up and moved to the Big Tex, the lone Star State…and I am  ready to get this show on the road. I really wanted to focus on moving to Texas and other very important matters before I got back to steady posting. But I finally think I am settled and everything is almost pretty organized. There are a couple of loose ends here and there…but the blogger me had to tell the OCD/Virgo me to shut the hell up and get to it.

Coming up for the rest of this year, I’ll be exploring what this great state has to offer the fashion world, finding the perfect pair of $500 bucket list cowboy boots, and showing the world my spin on cowgirl chic. What I WONT be doing is falling into stupid stereotypes that northerners have about the south…and namely, Dallas, Texas. No references to 80’s soaps, no line dancing (unless im offered first), and no faux-dirty jeans. I’m quickly learning that this may be the south…but its no small town by any means. There’s much to see and do here in Texas and they even have their own fashion week. I plan to check out the malls, the thrift stores, and some of the flea markets and street fairs…this should be fun. I’m keeping an open mind, which is something I didn’t quite do in Atlanta. Eternal homesickness made me close myself off to everything ATL had to offer and that in turn made me miserable. I vow to not make the same mistake twice. I’m goin’ all out this time, and enjoying the experience.

So far I’ve gotten well acquainted with the Dallas Fort Worth Airport (which is literally the size of Manhattan), realized that Chinese food is NOT a good idea, and found my peace with not being able to see any Eagles or Giants games except on my phone. So far…so good.

The state has inspired me quite a bit! Since I’ve been here I’ve planned an article for you guys on how to dress for bipolar/quasi-constant warm weather. I see that I am definitely going to need to make some adjustments for 80 degree days in november. I’ve discovered that I absolutely must display how I wear warm fall/winter colors in an unseasonably warm fall/winter. I’ll also be writing to you about office wear, and the change of meaning of casual from one region to the next. Texas is bringing some pretty awesome muse-age along with it, and I’ve decided to go with the flow. So stick around to see what I find in this journey. And thanks for sticking around and sticking out thus far!


Lady Gaga & Tony Bennett: Cheek to Cheek

Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett team up.

Lady Gaga

I had never really been a jazz fan until Amy Winehouse came out. Even then, my only interest in the genre was to learn more about her influences specifically. Then Treme premiered on HBO and I learned that there were types of jazz that didn’t make you feel insane or put you to sleep. There was such a thing as toe tapping, Princess and the Frog, my name Raymon from da Bayou-jazz. Continue reading

Best free yoga resources

Do yoga comfortably and for free!


I love doing yoga! It helps me to stay centered, get flexible, and it’s a great bridge between work out days to let your muscles relax. But what I don’t like are crowded classrooms, being wait listed, and being force to try and focus when the lady in front of you is hilariously bad at yoga. So I tried looking for ways to do my yoga in my living room, and that was a bit of a search. Continue reading

TMI Tag!! I’m stealing from the vloggers!

I love the TMI Tag going around on Youtube!


Frankly, I think it’s unfair that us bloggers can’t partake in the tagger fun! So I decided to put on my vlogger hat today (kinda, lol) and do the YouTube TMI Tag in print. I know…it’s kinda weird! But dammit…I wanna do one. Continue reading