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Revlon Spring 2014 Preview!

Revlon offers us a variety of berry, neon, and pastel shades for spring 2014.

Revlon 2014

Revlon rolled out a sneak peek of their spring 2014 collections during fashion week. It was a clever campaign that was premiered on Pinterest. They rolled it out and pinned pictures all through NYFW. You guys know how much I love this brand! Continue reading

Top 5 Fall Beauty Products

Protect yourself this fall from all the cracking, chapping, and chaffing! 

Beauty Products

Fall is approaching us and there are a few things us ladies need to help us through the dry and cold winter months. I have to make sure my hair is nourished, my skin is shielded, and my nails are protected so they don’t get brittle. Continue reading

Top 5 Summer Beauty Products

Beauty Products we will need and want this summer!

Beauty Products

Summer’s almost here, and I think it’s time for us to get our makeup bags and medicine cabinets in order. Let’s discuss the top 5 beauty products for this summer. I’ve combed the internet for the best colors, ingredients, and prices on a few of the products we know we’ll need. I threw in a couple items we might not need, but we’ll damn sure want! Continue reading