The booty don’t lie!!! – Weekend Rant

Booty: The hottest new fashion ASSessory


Here at Soar Thumb, we like big butts and we can not lie! But why? What’s the big deal these days about big booty?! People are buying fake booty, Nicki Minaj’s booty is finally soft, and J. Lo’s booty is getting attention from more than just black men. The fashion industry and retailers are even beginning to design with booty in mind! Have you seen a mannequin lately? Even those ladies have a bit of junk in the trunk. I don’t know who did it, but somebody got on the world stage and told everyone that booty is in! I. Am. Excited!

Just Do It!!! Witcha big ole booty!

It seems that now a day when I go to the mall there’s no special kind of pant that I have to try on. I don’t really need a belt with any of my latest pant purchases. Hell, I barely even have to pull out the Spanx to control the muffin top that comes with jeans that weren’t made for a woman with a big ass. Are brands starting to make clothes specifically for “blessed” women. I would like to be able to credit Beyonce’s bootyliciousness as the key that unlocked the door to the world of big butts. But, I don’t think it was her. I think it happened a bit more recently than the global realization that Beyonce was the ‘blond with a fat ass that could sing a song.’

Beyoncé…Queen Booty herself!
Nicki…embraced the art of plastic surgery! Yea…it’s finally soft! We guess those ass shots wore off!

So who then? Who made it okay to have a huge donk? I’ll tell you who…strippers! The girl who “regular” women have hated, talked about, and looked down upon for decades…turns out to be the girl who liberates us all? Yep…I said it. Strippers made it okay for you to flaunt your humongous ass. They have made it okay for your boyfriend to think your ass looks fat in those jeans. They have made it okay for artists who have seemingly been hiding their asses from the camera to turn around! I will pause to give you a moment to look back at it…

Yea we luv dem strippers lol! They help the world to embrace the bodacious buns!
This mannequin has a big, round, healthy booty. lol


Ice T’s wife shapes her frame…and her booty!

Now…who are those celebrities I speak of? If you tell me you knew Erykah Badu had all that ass before the Window Seat video…I’ll hit you. Because it’s a lie, and you didn’t know. Nobody knew Britney Spears was stacked until we caught her running from TMZ! Traci Ellis Ross was shot like a pregnant woman on every episode Girlfriends. We only saw her from the waist up, or from the front, now we see that her ass is even bigger than her hair. Iggy Azalea is definitely stacked, I don’t know if it’s real or not…but baby got back. Like Janelle Monae said, the booty don’t lie! These ladies may have gotten around having their butts glorified like J. Lo, but in the end the booty always makes itself known!

Yea…Lady GaGa is stackin’ too!
Traci Ellis Ross is blessed!
Britney Spears…and actually Britney S. Pears from Glee as well are both stackin’! And this is the pre WalMart booty!
Yes! She Does! Erykah’s been holding out on us!
No need to save the cheerleader! She’s got a built in life raft! Hayden Panettiere everyone!

I am definitely loving the new age of being proud of swollen glutes! Nothing against all my petite ladies out there, you all still rock! And I won’t be drawing any thick croquis any time soon, lol. But having a big butt myself, it’s fine time us ladies were celebrated too. Here for your listening pleasure are a couple of my favorite booty shake songs! And to all my young readers, pay attention because twerking can be learned…but booty shaking…that’s a skill you’re born with!



And Now I’m just being silly!!!


  1. debi c

    i personally believe all the not so thin/plus sized/different sized bloggers voicing their thoughts/working with brands and showing off their cool styles irrespective of size has had the required impact on the industry. it is yet to hit other countries though i think..

    • Krystal Orr

      Bloggers are definitely a part of the puzzle! At first, most fashion bloggers were these overly gorgeous, Amazonian, wonder women who looked kinda like models themselves. But eventually, us regular girls began to work our way into the fold…and we totally rock! I think the ‘thick is in’ Marilyn Monroe types will be trending worldwide very soon! One can hope so anyway!

      Thanks for stopping by &

      Stick Out!