Bloggers: 30 is the New 30 – Weekend Rant

A Bloggers Style doesn’t stop at 29


I am a fashion blogger, and I am knocking on 30’s door! Yep, that’s right. In September I will officially be too old to blog, go to a club, wear stilettos, and do all the things that 28 year olds do. I’ll be an old hag?!? This is what society, and idiot kids who think their teachers don’t have sex say about turning 30. Is there really no room for us in the blogosphere? (just a few fabulous fashion bloggers over 30) Ty-Juana Flores,  Garance Doré, Summer Gray, Scott Schuman, Tina Craig & Kelly Cook, & of course…MEEEE!!! lol


I happen to strongly disagree. I love some teenage and 20 year old fashion inspiration, but there is no style like 30 year old style. At 30, you are absolutely sure what your dress size is, you know where to find the perfect jeans, and you are 100% positive which shoes are definitely not made for dancing. Someone with these many affirmations about their fashion identity should be looked upon as a guru, an OG of the fashion game, a style Yoda! Instead we get ungrateful style “children” ready to ship us off to a fashion retirement home.


I haven’t returned a clothing item in four years! I haven’t felt uncomfortable in public because of my garment choices in almost two! I rock as many of the latest trends as I want, and I don’t believe you should lengthen your hemlines with age. So what in the world would make people think that style ends with your twenties? Hopefully the new batch of celebrities who look better in their 30’s and 40’s then some look in their teens will even out the playing field. I’ve got my bets on Heather Graham, Angelina Jolie, Halle Berry, Alyssa Milano, and Jennifer Anniston. We need to show these girls that the 30 and up group ain’t nothin’ to fuck with! Let us all put on our big girl panties and raise ‘em in the way they should go.

UPDATE: Summer Gray isn’t 30 yet, she’s 29. Style Bubble is shockingly 29. And I am finding out that 29 year olds rule the world! We rock!



  1. Susie Bubble

    I’ll be hitting 30 too this year and I wish I could care more about this milestone…. I thought I’d be really scared but it turns out actually, I’m more than ok with it…
    looking forward to it in fact! It seems like such a cliche to say that you feel more secure and more comfortable with your style in your thirties… but that’s actually how it feels!
    All hail a whole new decade!

    • Krystal Orr

      Okay…so I usually wait a day or so to do replies, so I don’t seem like a big thirst ball because this is a new blog. But you are Susie friggin Bubble! Lol!
      Yes 30 is looking like its going to be an awesome decade! Made it this far without dying, we should be super proud of that!!! I did NOT know you were almost 30! My husband asked me if I should include you in this article…I responded “Susie Bubble is 15!” lol looking good girl!
      And now I’m off to tweet that Susie Friggin Bubble commented on my blog! :)