I Love A Good Fashion Blog #BlogLoveBaby

Blog Love is the best Love!


Us fashion lovers can get lost in the glamorous, pretty world of high gloss, big money fashion blogs! You know what I’m talking about, blogs like the Satorialist, BryanBoy, HypeBeast, and Refinery29. But what about us guys and girls who’s blogs aren’t so…commercial or those of us who don’t have a ba-drillion unique views a day? Our blogs are pretty too and sometimes prettier! So I’m taking today to spread love…it’s the Brooklyn way! #Bloglovebaby I’m going to share with you five wonderful and addictive blogs that I have recently discovered. It’s your job to go check them out! I promise you won’t regret it.

I discovered Veblen High a few days ago. I don’t know who the writer or editor of this blog is, but she is one twisted sista (in a good Grey’s Anatomy kinda way). I went on this blog only to be greeted by talks of Nas, rehab, crack, and Givenchy and it’s all incredibly tied into fashion in some way! Enter inspirational quotes and fashion, paired with talks of addiction to blogs and fashion and you’ve got a winner. Hip hop, crack whores and fashion? You had me at hello!

The provocative header from the Veblen High blog.

Style, Caffeinated is another blog I’ve discovered within the past month or so. Just looking at this website header makes me feel like a lady! I love this site because there is something on it that is in a bit of a short supply in the blogosphere…writing. Don’t get me wrong, I love the pictorials and the nice visuals I get to see every morning. But, there is something to be said about a blog that I can actually read! This young lady is funny, thoughtful, and so down to earth. We are then given the cherry on top with out-of-this-world visuals and inspiring fashion images.

This cutie-patutie is from Style, Caffeinated! Her blog gives me my Saturday morning.

What Style, Caffeinated gives me with words, Siddy Says gives me with images. This site is filled with so much design and fashion inspiration. The color stories are diverse and the content is even more so. Check out this blog for everything from sequin pants to Sari’s. I like the site because it’s very delicate, easy on the eye, and a relaxing read. Where my blog is “Bust your shit open” hers is “Keep Calm and Read.” I love the welcomed break. Her blog is like going to a spoken word show at your local coffee shop to relax, after a weekend of raving.

The image from a post on Siddy Says! Isn’t this just adorbzballz? Yes!

The Fashion District is just plain ol’ kick ass! Oumayma is a fierce mix between Rihanna, Azealia Banks, and that stylish chick on the train! Her style is so effortless and well put together and her blog is just as sleek as her styling. The photography is awesome, and she can rock the heck out of a statement necklace. Consider me hooked!

Tell me this chick isn’t refinement and style at it’s best!

The picture above of this blogger makes me want to take a trip to the Netherlands…and shop! Anne Stikvoort has some really nice pants! But, besides that, her style is so ethnic, effortless, and easy going. This is another one of those blogs I can go to when I want to sit back and appreciate people who are not as eternally amped as I am. If this blog doesn’t make you want to go to the beach…you’re a beach hater!

Can you say…right up my alley?!? I need those pants today! Check Anne Stikvoort out ASAP

These bloggers have all gone the extra mile to present us with quality content, visuals, and inspiration. They are all popular in their own right and have followers on all walks of social media. But I wanted to shine a light on them because I think everybody should be checking them out. These blogs can give you fashion news, trends, style inspiration, and even some ideas for your own blog posts. I salute them!

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