Billboard Awards 2013: Nicely Done

Billboard Awards: Music, Style & Fashion At Its Best

Billboard Awards
This neon piping is giving me life!

Well, I can’t say anything about the Billboard Awards on Sunday night, without saying these three things. 1. Selena Gomez in her neon piped dress killed! 2. Miley Cyrus is getting weirder by the day. And, 3. Nicki Minaj totally almost redeemed her boring monstrosity of a dress selection at the MET Gala with that cropped and spiked jacket! But the red dress? Ugh! Nicki, did you just dye that navy dress and wear it again? Okay, now that I got that out, let’s chat!

Miley Cyrus wore some kind of thingy that was a cross between a doily and a sparkly checker board. Soar Thumb seal of approval? Abso-friggin-lutely! Is it just me or has she been turning into the Sinead O’Connor of our generation. Now, ol’ Sinead may have been crazier than a bag of hammers…but she did it with style. I am rooting for the Miley chest tat! I think it’s a possibility!

Billboard awards
Miley Cyrus gives me life in these doilies.

No words for Nicki, but this jacket was friggin awesome!!

Billboard Awards
Spiked out jacket? Yes Please! Red dress…not so much!

I don’t know what J.Lo was doing there…I’ve never really followed her music, but she rocked that gold dress! I would have left the nude stockings at home, but otherwise she was spectacular.

Billboard Awards
This dress looks awesome. We know J. Lo will always give us a lil cleavage but the leg is always a nice addition.

Traci Morgan KILLED the chevron!! It’s so weird…but I always love his outfit choices. Nothing really special about the way this guy dresses, but it’s always so good on him.

Billboard Awards
Chevron print!? Traci, Who dressed you?! This is friggin awesome!

And last but certainly not least is my girl Madge. Anybody else would have been considered going overboard in the fishnet body suit, Beyonce-esque leotard, and fur vest, but we think Madonna pulled it off! The material girl is not only proving that she only gets better with age, but she is also showing off that shamelessly perfect body with a classlessness that we all envy and love. Why should she be modest, age appropriate, or respectful? She’s Madonna, bitch! Go on with ya bad self Madge!

Billboard Awards
Fur Vest? Yes!




  1. Colleen

    Miley killed it to me. Everything was perfect, And I love how Prince was giving us Jimmy Hendrix

    • Krystal Orr

      Prince is forever my baby! He always brings the most, style wise and performance wise. And Miley gave me life! I especially loved those Grease Lightning red lips!!! She was so awesome.