Best Dressed for Week Ending 7/07/13

Festivals and summer time street styles make up this week’s best dressed!

best dressed

I am switching up on you guys! You won’t mind…I promise. And besides, everyone should try to add a little spice to their relationships every so often. So for this week’s best dressed I’m pulling out the whip cream and handcuffs of Soar Thumb. I know I usually focus on celebrity styles of the week…but this week there were so many events and festivals for the fans of celebrities. I wanted to take this time out to focus on summer time street style for a best dressed post. I need no help what-so-ever with style inspiration in the winter months, but in the summer I look to street style pics for help with my wardrobe.

This past weekend was the huge Essence Music Festival and last week we were dazzled by Paris and Berlin fashion weeks. Those events had stylish men and women out in droves all over the southern region of America and around the world. I really like the idea of finding color combinations, layering, and even DIY ideas from some of the things “regular” people are wearing in the streets.

Another reason I love street style that surround these kinds of events is that you get to see style from other regions beside just the major four in street style which are New York, LA, Paris, and Asia. I really love to see people from NOLA, Florida, Oklahoma and places that are ‘fashionably slower’ than some other states. This is sometimes the best inspiration of all. These people, by default, must be a bit more creative than the rest of us because they live in what I like to call “retail black holes.” In these places they may get the trends later and/or the retailers may not offer many of the things we get in bigger cities. I like to see street style from these types of regions to see what they come up with in the face of such fashion adversity…and it’s usually awesome. So here are the best dressed street style of the week.