Best Dressed For Week ending 6/9/13

The CFDA’s, Guy’s Choice Awards, and Bling Ring premiere attendee’s make up this week’s best dressed!

best dressed


This week there was quite a bit going on. We had the CFDA Awards, A few movie premieres including the Bling Ring and This Is the End, and Spike TV’s Guys Choice Awards. I’m looking forward to the Guys Choice awards airing on June 10th. When you get that many hilarious and insanely stupid people together in the same room, there’s bound to be some shenanigans! But anyway, here are some of my picks for best dressed from all of the hubbub!

Amy Poehler showed up to the AFI’s 41st Life Achievement Award Gala with a new beau in tow! Yes, she and Nick Kroll have made it official by being seen in public together. I am super happy for her because it’s been over a year since her separation, it’s time for her to have a little fun. But you’re not here to hear about her arm candy are you? I don’t think she’s made any other best dressed lists for that dress this week, but I have got to give her props. The dress is not spectacular, but her confidence and radiance levels take it up a hundred! She looks so happy, effortless, and fancy free that is just makes that feminine floral print pop. I think this is the look they are trying to go for in all the period commercials….they totally miss the mark. Every time!


Best Dressed
Amy Poehler at AFI’s 41st Life Achievement Award Gala

On the Bling Ring premiere red carpet, we get to behold a brand new sparkly starlet, Katie Chang. If he movie role choices are as good as her wardrobe choices, we have a lot to look forward to. Chang is the breakout star in the film, based on the true story of a group of home invading, pillaging teen girls. This Dior dress is fucking awesome…and her itty bitty 18 year old innocence makes it look even sweeter! Look forward to seeing her on more red carpets.

Best Dressed
Katie Chang in C. Dior at The Bling Ring LA Premiere

I don’t know any of her film work, but I wouldn’t be the proper fashion industry insider if I didn’t know that Felicity Jones was named the face of two brands in one year in 2011! Any girl that can rile up the likes of Burberry and Dolce & Gabanna at the same damn time, is alright with me. Then she turns around and rocks the red carpet in a murderous Louis Vuitton get up?!? What? This photo of her at the Bling Ring premiere in LA is bad ass! I don’t usually give kudos to all black ensembles…but this chick KILLED. That embossed leather circle skirt is definitely on my fall to do list.

Best Dressed
Felicity Jones in Louis Vuitton at the Bling Ring LA Premiere

This Balmain pre-fall ’13 dress on Claire Julien looks like a Christmas edition Rocher Ferrero wrapper and it is giving me LIFE! That is one of the best red carpet looks I have seen this year. It’s edgy but super feminine, sexy but refined, and it’s so geniusly embellished that it needs no accessorizing! Now that is a dress.

Best Dressed
Claire Julien in Balmain at the Bling Ring LA Premiere

The more best dressed posts I do, the more I like Jessica Alba! Her color choices are always pretty close to perfection, and she knows exactly how her body is mapped out. She did not fail us at the taping of this week’s Guy’s Choice Awards! This embossed, almost animal print yellow dress looked like someone melted a stick of butter on her…if that can be said in a bad way, this ain’t it! She topped this off with perfect bombshell hair and makeup, and dare I say it…ORANGE SHOES! And it features an exposed zipper up the back. It zips up the fucking back people! Do you understand what that means?!? Yes Jessica! Werk!

Best Dressed
Jessica Alba at the Guy’s Choice Awards
Best Dressed
I know this is a poorly lit shot…but I just had to show you that it zips up the back!

Olivia Palermo channeled her inner Great Gatsby at the 2013 CFDA’s. This Dennis Basso dress is everything a flapper could ever hope for and more. There’s gold, there’s embellishment, there’s ombre and fringe! This garment is just simple, delicate, womanly perfection! Fabricated decadence at its finest.

Best Dressed
Olivia Palermo at the CFDA’s in Dennis Basso

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