Best Dressed For Week Ending 6/30/13

Sara Jessica Parker is at it again, Posh Spice gives it to us, and more in this week’s best dressed!

best dressed

Last week was a tad quiet in the entertainment industries, but not quiet enough to not have a week’s best dressed list. Everyone was on their way to Paris for fashion week, and many of the week’s best events happened across the pond. The Serpentine Summer Gallery Party in London, the premiere weekend for The Heat, and the BET Awards were some of the highlight events. I will be doing a separate post for Paris fashion week, because there is so much to say about that!

Before we get into all the people who were glittered, bejeweled, bedazzled, and cinched up for all of these events….let’s first talk about one of my favorite style icons! Victoria Beckham seems to be atoning for her past fashion sins as a member of the Spice Girls. She was spotted at the Beijing Capital International Airport in China looking runway sharp…in what???? In her own designs! Girl you better werk!! She’s on this week’s best dressed because…Yellow, tan, and blue? Yes please!

best dressed
Victoria Beckham wows us in her own shit!

Nicki!!!! Nicki!!! Yasss Nicki!!! I am so happy to see that she is getting it the hell together! There has been some really terrible times with this new glam squad of hers, but Sunday night at the BET Awards! I was so excited to see her finally giving LIFE on the week’s best dressed lists! in an outfit. You guys know that I am no fan of understated makeup with all black, I mean, they could have given her a smokey eye or something…but other than that she look awesome!

Best Dressed
Nicki and the new glam squad are finally coming together. Black, lace, and cleavage? Yes please!

Eve has made a couple of worst dressed lists for her outfit at the BET awards. But, I am definitely #TeamCoral and I think she rocked that shit out! The coral body con dress, electric blue caged heels, and every piece of jewelry she can find = awesomeness! I don’t know where she’s been…but she was shopping while she was there! Welcome back Eve and welcome to a week’s best dressed list!

best dressed
Eve looks radiant in this color combo!

Sara Jessica Parker is channeling her inner Great Gatsby with fringe at the Serpentine Summer Gallery Party! Sparkly fringe. Sparkly fringe, 20’s inspired style, and SJP will always be on my week’s best dressed list when I find them. It’s automatic!

best dressed
I would like to thank Great Gatsby for bring back 20’s inspired style!

Sandra Bullock is not in my favorite outfit on this week’s best dressed list, but perforated leather deserves its props. It’s basically one of the very few ways you can get leather and florals in the same package. At the NY premiere of her movie The Heat, Sandra showed off that killer figure in a leather spaghetti strap shift dress. She deserves to be on this list just for that body alone!

best dressed
Sandra Bullock in Ermanno Scervino at the NY premiere of “The Heat.

You guys know how I feel about my wild child Miley. If you don’t, catch up here. This week on her way to an interview at Sirius XM Radio she was dressed so weirdly, even I had to look at several different pictures. I love the look, an electric blue two piece outfit. She looked like a matador in the best way humanly possible! And the white shoes were a smart and creative accessory choice. Side note: I do need to pick up a pair of white shoes!

best dressed
Just awesome in Emillio Pucci

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