Best Black Friday Fashion Sales

Planning your Black Friday Route in advance saves time and money! 

Black Friday

I love Black Friday at Target. It’s the only place in this whole wide world where I can get a printed plate set and a Phillip Lim 3.1 for Target sweater…at the same damn time! Black Friday sale prices are simply a bonus! I will be shopping their sale in store and online. Luckily there is one near my house that I’m convinced no one knows exists, so I can get in and out easy breezy.

Express is my favorite clothing store. You guys know this part already. But their Black Friday sale is out of control! Usually the entire store is 40, 50, or some other insane percentage off. Their Black Friday sale is also available online, and it’s like three friggin days long! Also, they are thee best at keeping the stock rolling out to the sales floor, and they hardly ever sell out of the hot items you been waiting for a sale on.

JCPenney always has great Black Friday deals in the fashion department. The new changes to the company’s merchandise, the fact that they don’t offer great sales year round, and the new brands they carry are a Black Friday match made in heaven. I’m especially excited because there are a few new brands I have been wanting to try, but full price for a new label is out of the question. If I like what I get on Black Friday, I will have so much closure on my shopping list for next spring. Great thing about JCP is that they also carry over most of the deals to the website.

H&M on Black Friday can feel sorta like shopping at a thrift store. If you don’t get there earlier enough your prone to have to scour the corners, dressing rooms, and under racks to find items. The help is probably going to be little to nonexistent. Also, if you wear anything under a size six, you’ll need to be there as soon as they open. H&M made it to the list because the sale is so damn good you will not mind all of these setbacks. I found a shirt in a corner on the floor last year covered in dust bunnies, but it was my size so I had to have it. Not only did I get it for like four bucks but she took an extra dollar off for the dust.

And to save the best for last the Last Call by Neiman Marcus outlet is heaven on Black Friday. This retailer slashes its already HEAVILY discounted prices by nearly half. Need I say more? Helmut Lang has never been so attainable!

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