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Soar Thumb!!!

Krystal Orr



Soar Thumb is dedicated to the eccentric fashionista. You guys are looking for unique and sometimes one of a kind fashion that are expressive and bold. Here at Soar Thumb we will comb the internet, periodicals, and apps for the best unique and fun clothing, art, and personal goods so that you, our friends don’t have to. Featuring various designers, news outlets, and brands, we offer a wide assortment of information for all different types of eccentrics. There will also be an element of vintage and treasure hunting featured as well. Our objective is to be a resource for you. A place where fashion lover’s can come to get great outfit inspiration, find unique pieces, and also use as a shopping guide. Features will come from DIY, Etsy stores, big box stores, specialty chains, and local boutiques and shops.

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