10 Fashion Rules Busted or Confirmed

Fashion rules that are meant to be broken…and a few meant to be kept. 

Fashion Rules

1. Matching your belt, bag, and shoes. BUSTED!

This is one of the age old fashion rules that was made to be broken! Its as irrelevant and outdated as matching you fingernail polish with your toenail polish or lipstick. With so many different choices out there for all three of these accessories, I can’t understand how anyone would even dream of matching the three. I couldn’t live without my red pumps and leopard belt, my coral purse and gold shoes, or my red belt and purple purse! Sometimes a family comes in all shapes, colors and sizes…and my accessories are like sisters.

2. No mixed black, navy, and brown. BUSTED!

This rule is so irrelevant that Express sells black and brown suits! Check out my Owls & Stripes OOTD to see my cute little BodyCon mini skirt in navy and tan from H&M. Color blocking is one way to throw caution to the wind on these kinds of fashion rules. Another option is contrasting accessories. Wearing a LBD? Get out your cute brown pumps and belt!

3. No white after Labor Day. BUSTED!

Even though its one of the oldest fashion rules, this one is just stupid. Some white looks best in the winter!

4. Skin exposure rule. CONFIRMED!

Unless your auditioning to play the revival role of Erin Brockovich, don’t show too much skin. If your wearing a leggy mini skirt, try pairing it with a long sleeved, lightweight blouse. If you wearing a barely there tube top, bandeau, or a very sheer top, pair it with some trousers or wide leg pants. Too much skin can take a great outfit from classy to trashy in a heartbeat.

5. Too many heavy fabrics can bulk you up or weigh you down. CONFIRMED!

Not one of the more well known fashion rules but, there is a reason why tweed suits and the like tend to be a bit thinner than tweed or other heavy separates. Pairing quilted trousers and a brocade blazer will make you look like Dolores Umbridge from Harry Potter. *Is that my second reference to her on this blog? I’m such a dork!* Try rocking your thick oversized sweater with a sheer maxi and some tights this winter…you’ll thank me later!

6. Don’t mix prints. HA! Soo BUSTED!

That shit is everywhere! Even here.

7. Heels make any pair of jeans dressier. CONFIRMED!

It can be a difficult decision of whether or not to wear jeans to a club, happy hour, or an event. But the right pair of pumps, sky high’s, or wedges can turn any denim from day to night or from slumming to classy. I love to wear a cute band tee with some jeans, a blazer, and an unbelievable pair of kick ass heels.

8. Less is more. (Seriously!?!?! Shut up! This is Soar Thumb) BUSTED!

More is more. What every the fuck you want is more. But less is definitely not more!

9. No stockings and sandals. Also…BUSTED…It’s the next big thing.

10. Is totally okay to randomly overdress at any given event. CONFIRMED!

I love showing up to cocktail hour in a lace black dress and platforms with grey pearls and a cute clutch. Why? Because I standout, and look totally fabulous, and my outfit becomes a conversation piece, and I get to show people how bat shit Grey Gardens crazy I am! And because most fashion rules suck, I love that this one is a confirm! Its freeing…you should try it.


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